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Ceramic Pipe S Type

Ceramic Pipe S-Type

Can absorb toxins
Our Price: $24.95

These pipes can be used to absorb chlorine and can be used for bathing and/or  for pet drinking water.

Ceramic Pipe K-Type

Can be used to energize / Structure bath and Drinking Water
Our Price: $24.95

Used in toilets, fish or water tanks, and ponds to structure water and reduce dirt and slime build-up. A handful of these pipes in the laundry will structure the water and increase the cleansing power of soaps.

Ceramic Super-ball

Great for structuring water and reducing oxidation. Use in a glass of water or cooking oil.
Our Price: $15.95

It can be used in water container, cooking boiling and frying to protect from oxidation and rancidity.

Ceramic Pipe N-Type

The versatile N-Type ceramic can be used in the bathtub, fish tanks, plant water, and in flower vases.
Our Price: $24.95

The N – Type SCD Probiotics ceramics is used to absorb and eliminate ammonia nitrogen.
Ceramics A Powder

Ceramics A Powder

A material used to reduce toxic fumes
Our Price: $24.95

Designed especially for use in paints, glues, & other building materials to reduce toxic fumes.


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