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Global Partnership Information

SCD Probiotics is searching for companies around the world committed to restoring a healthy balance to our environments - by producing and distributing products for livestock production, wastewater management, home and garden, human health, companion animal, environmental and agricultural applications.

Partnership Options Include:

• Licensee
A contractual agreement with SCD Probiotics to produce and distribute products manufactured using SCD Probiotics technology within a specified geographic territory; requires a vetting process, training, and adherence to SCD Probiotics brand standards.

Find out more about the benefits of becoming an SCD Probiotics Licensee.

• Distributor
Sales and distribution of ready-to-use SCD Probiotics products directly to the end-user.

Geographic Opportunity

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Getting Started

Please fill out and submit (via fax or email) a Licensee Questionnaire, or a Distributor Application to start the process of becoming an SCD Probiotics partner.
Our fax number is (816) 471-1404 or, scan and email to

Click here for our online Distributor Application
Click here for our online Licensee Application

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