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SCD Probiotics Organic Coffee
Grown using sustainable farming practices, including the use of probiotics, Organic Coffee from Chiapas, Mexico delights the senses. The probiotics help improve the quality of the soil and accelerates decomposing of coffee bean residue. Light roast. Whole beans.
Available Size: 1 lb bag

ProKlean Fruit & Vegetable Wash
ProKlean Fruit & Vegetable Wash is an all-natural, chemical free alternative for washing fresh fruits and vegetables. ProKlean Fruit & Vegetable Wash works to remove surface dirt and potentially harmful microorganisms on produce. It is completely non-toxic and leaves no odor or aftertaste. Produce washed with ProKlean Fruit & Vegetable Wash stay fresher and last longer - a bonus for your pocketbook.
Available Sizes: 8 oz., 16.9 oz., 1 gallon

ProKlean All Purpose Kleaner
ProKlean All-Purpose Kleaner is an all natural, chemical-free cleaning concentrate containing proprietary probiotics to break down dirt and grime. Can be used on any washable surface; from windows to walls, to floors to sinks, from pots and pans to tiled surfaces. Use diluted on carpet stains. No residue and no need to rinse after cleaning surface that may come into contact with food. ProKlean All-Purpose Kleaner leaves a streak free shine without the use of harmful chemicals. Not recommended for use on marble or unsealed wood. Test on fabric in a discrete location prior to application.
Available Size: 16.9 oz.

ProKlean Counter Guard
Probiotic Cleaning Concentrate
ProKlean Counter Guard is a healthy, natural solution for cleaning granite, tile, concrete, laminate, glass, mirrors and other hard surfaces. ProKlean Counter Guard contains millions of beneficial microorganisms, that work to break down dirt and grime. They out-compete the bad microorganisms that live on kitchen counters, cutting boards and bathroom sinks - creating a healthier surface for you and your family. Note: Not recommended for use on marble surfaces.
Available Size: 16.9 oz.

ProKlean Floor Guard
Probiotic Floor Cleaning Concentrate

ProKlean Floor Guard is a probiotic cleaning concentrate that works to remove dirt and grime from natural stone, tile, concrete, wood, laminate and other floor surfaces. The proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms in ProKlean Floor Guard works to fight the bad microorganisms that live and spread on floors, creating a cleaner surface for people and pets. Note: Not recommended for use on marble or unsealed wood.
Available Size: 16.9 oz.

ProKlean DeGreaser
Probiotic Grease Cleaning Concentrate
ProKlean DeGreaser is a heavy duty degreaser and cleaner. It removes grease and grime with no harmful chemicals. ProKlean DeGreaser is safe and effective for use on stove tops, ovens and hoods as well as other areas where heavy grease builds up. ProKlean DeGreaser can be poured directly into drains and grease traps as routine maintenance.
Available Size: 16.9 oz.


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