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A Cost-effective, Green Solution for
Controlling Odor and Pathogens in Wastewater

Based on a proprietary, beneficial microbial technology, SCD Probiotics offers an all-natural product line that reduces odors and controls pathogens in a number of wastewater applications, including:

  • Livestock Operations
  • Poultry Pens
  • Dairy Farms
  • Food Processing and Rendering Plants
  • Public Lakes and Lagoons

How SCD Probiotics Helps Reduce Foul Odors and Control Pathogens

All living systems have a microbial ecology that can be managed and improved by the constant delivery of probiotics. Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when applied in sufficient amounts, deliver a health benefit to the host.

SCD Probiotics manufactures products that are produced through a natural fermentation process using beneficial microorganisms. SCD Probiotics microbial strains, or beneficial microorganisms, are grown in what is known as consortia (a cogrowth environment), allowing each strain to interact with other strains throughout development. This proprietary method is very similar to how microbes occur in nature, versus the more common practice of growing singular strains in a pure-culture format and then blending different strains together at the time of packaging.

SCD Probiotics’ beneficial microorganisms actually feed on the high levels of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methane that cause bad odors found in wastewater treatment plants, livestock lagoons, polluted lakes and rendering plants.

In addition, SCD Probiotics creates a clean environment by populating the area with healthy microorganisms so they dominate the toxic, disease-causing bacteria. When applied consistently and following the proper usage guidelines, this powerful green technology can help improve water quality at wastewater treatment facilities in rendering plants, reduce sludge in livestock lagoons and control pathogens in public and/or private lakes.

Benefits of SCD Probiotics
  • Improves overall surrounding air quality as measured by D/T, providing better working conditions for employees and better relationships with the community
  • Achieves customer-specific, targeted reductions in odor control quality parameters
  • Helps comply with EPA regulations and regional water control boards that oversee agricultural waste runoff and nutrient management — reducing fines and improving profitability
  • Improves operational efficiencies by reducing sludge accumulation
  • Reduces expenses related to energy consumption in wastewater treatment facilities, improving profitability
  • Chemically free, SCD Probiotics offer a green, sustainable solution to odor and pathogen problems
  • Listed by OMRI for use in organic production
  • Concentrated formula for cost-effective application
  • Available in “tote” quantities (275 gallons) for large-scale operations

Case Studies Provide Evidence of Success

Results: Average dilution threshold ration (D/T) result prior to the probiotic treatment was 13 D/T, while after treatment data averaged 5.5 D/T. This represents a 57% reduction in odor and puts the farm below the regulatory threshold for compliance.

Results: After SCD Probiotics application, significant reductions in pathogens were achieved throughout the public water contaminated by bird feces.

SCD Probiotics - a Leader in Probiotic Technology
SCD Probiotics is a global provider of probiotics, providing sustainable solutions for human health, home and garden, agriculture, livestock health, industrial and aquaculture applications. Established in 1998, SCD Probiotics manufactures a complete line of probiotic products in their Kansas City, Missouri-based facility (USA). Products are sold domestically through SCD Probiotics and their affiliates, and internationally through qualified licensees, distributors and retailers.

Product information can be found on our Web site, at
The following White Papers are also available online:

  • Application of SCD Probiotics Technology for Livestock Production
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  • Application of SCD Probiotics Technology for Wastewater Treatment

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