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About the Founder

matthew wood SCD Probiotics® was founded by Matthew Wood in 1998. Since the beginning, Matthew Wood was a visionary, ahead of his time in what would soon become the booming microbiome industry. With an extensive background studying the science of beneficial microorganisms, Matthew and his team have developed an array of probiotics-based products and technologies designed for both consumer and commercial applications, all while maintaining a focus on the microbiome.

His Inspiration
Concerns over current environmental and social problems led Matthew to believe that the lifestyles practiced in most industrial societies are unsustainable. “US domestic food production, consumption, and the use of natural resources simply cannot continue in the same way,” Wood said of existing conditions.

Global Education, Rooted in Beneficial Microorganisms
As part of his undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri, Columbia, Matthew conducted primary research at EARTH College in Costa Rica. There, he experienced first-hand the powerful impact beneficial microbes had on banana plantations. Fascinated, he continued his research in biotechnology around the world, receiving his Master of Science Degree at the University of Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan.

With a singleness of purpose, Matthew Wood founded Sustainable Community Development, LLC, (SCD) in 1998. SCD Probiotics® developed the North American market for products manufactured by EM Research Organization, Inc. (EMRO)*. EMRO's products, based on the principles of effective microorganism technology pioneered by Dr. TeuroHiga in Japan, provided a sustainable solution to many agricultural problems. The technology was originally developed for use in crop farming as an alternative to chemically-based pesticides and fertilizers; SCD's strategic direction unfolded from there.

Spotlight on Missouri Exporter SCD Probiotics

Since establishing itself as an independent operation in 2003, SCD Probiotics has continued to produce a wide spectrum of products, geared around all walks of life. From human and animal-health solutions to bioremediation and tannery products, the company continues to penetrate industries that were otherwise reserved for harsh chemical-based alternatives.

An Ongoing Commitment to Developing Microbiome-based Probiotic Solutions
In a quest to foster social change by encouraging people to rethink their health in a way that focuses on the microbiome, Matthew Wood and SCD Probiotics continue to develop technology that facilitates models of sustainability. As a husband and father of three young children, Matthew is passionate about improving human health and the environment through sustainable, natural solutions.

Educating Others About the Power of Probiotics
Fluent in English, Spanish, and Japanese, Matthew is a frequent guest speaker at global conferences about sustainability and probiotic technology. Additionally, Matthew is regularly featured in newspapers and magazines abroad and throughout the US.

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