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Probiotics provide sustainable options for improved agricultural /environmental performance.

All living systems - including soil, plants, and trees - have a microbial ecology that can be managed and improved by the constant delivery of SCD Probiotics. Regenerating good bacteria produces a microbial ecology where beneficial microorganisms dominate harmful bacteria, creating a healthier, more vibrant environment.

Typical applications in these industries result in:

  • Improved crop performance
  • Accelerate large scale composting efforts
  • Odor control in large scale composting operations
  • Enrich the soil in residential lawns and gardens

Customer Testimonial:
SCD Probiotics Application to Fruits from Orchard in Michigan

Check out the success of West London Composting, a heavy user of SCD Probiotics in their composting efforts.
The following SCD Probiotics products deliver a wide-range of benefits for agricultural applications.
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All Seasons Bokashi All Seasons Bokashi™ (Formerly sold as Happy Farmer Bokashi*)

All Seasons Bokashi™ helps to convert food waste into high quality compost.

Our Price: $11.95
ScentGuard SCD ScentGuard™ A Probiotic Odor Control Concentrate

Probiotic Odor Control Concentrate
An all-natural, environmentally-friendly odor reducer containing powerful microbes which inhibit odors commonly found in agricultural environments, livestock operations, Industrial environments, and around the house.

Our Price: $11.95
SCD Bio Ag SCD Bio Ag® A Probiotic Additive For Farm And Garden

A Probiotic Additive for Farm and Garden
An all-natural, environmentally safe solution for use in organic farm and garden applications. A cost-effective alternative to chemical products. Ideal for large-scale composting and soil enhancing applications

Our Price: $11.50
Blue Life Blue Life® Plants Probiotic

Blue Life® is an all-natural, environmentally safe microbial amendment for use in organic farm and garden applications. Blue Life is the same product as SCD Bio Ag, manufactured by SCD's Licensee in Mexico.

SCD Bio Ag SCD Bio Ag® - California A Microbial Additive For Farm And Garden

SCD Bio Ag® is an all natural alternative to traditional chemical soil enrichments. Created through fermentation, this microbially diverse additive supports crops by mirroring the processes of nature. An OMRI listed product approved for organic farming, and by the CDFA, SCD Bio Ag® improves overall yields, accelerates the composting process, and nurtures trees and flowers.

Our Price: $11.50
ProBio Balance Original ProBio Balance Original™ Compared to EM-1®
(Formerly sold as SCD EM Original*)

ProBio Balance Original™ is a liquid blend of beneficial and effective microorganisms produced through a natural fermentation process. These microorganisms, when introduced into any living system, promote the growth of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms to achieve a healthy microbial balance. It is a cost effective, environmentally safe, all natural product used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Large-scale composting

  • Indoor composting

  • Commercial/Residential Odor Control

Our Price: $23.99
ProBio Balance Plus ProBio Balance Plus™ (Formerly sold as SCD EM Plus*)

ProBio Balance Plus™ is a cost-effective, environmentally safe, all natural product. ProBio Balance Plus™ can be used to produce a variety of secondary products used in the following applications.

  • Agricultural - Enriches the soil; listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for use in organic production.
  • Aquaculture - Restores water quality necessary to improve production processes.
  • Composting - Provides odor control and accelerated composting.
  • Waste Mgmt. - Provides energy savings in waste water treatment plants.
    - Reduces sludge and purifies water
  • Bioremediation - Breaks down pollutants in industrial/commercial sites.

Our Price: $29.95

SCD Bio Ag Application Part 1

SCD Bio Ag Application Part 2

SCD Bio Ag Application Part 3

SCD Bio Ag in Fruit Cultivation

Probiotics Technology in Agriculture: The Potential for Great Results