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Beny-Gro™ is a high-quality, organic source of seven strains of beneficial microorganisms—from three different families—that work together to support your plants’ growth and reduce the need for expensive and harmful chemical-based fertilizers.

It will:

  • Increase Yield
  • Support Microbial Diversity
  • Improve Enzymatic Activity
  • Reduce the Need for Chemical Fertilizers

Enhance nutrient uptake and increase yields in hydroponics
In hydroponics, nutrients and microbes go together like peanut butter and jelly: when introduced to your grow environment, beneficial microorganisms help your plants access and uptake more nutrients for growth, just like they would in soil.

Friendly and effective in all environments
As a 100% bio-based microbial additive, Beny-Gro is an all-natural alternative to chemical-based additives and fertilizers. Its patented consortium of microorganisms is grown together to form a small ecosystem that’s more resilient and effective. Research has shown they increase total microbial biomass, enzyme activity, and nutrient availability—which helps grow healthier plants and increase yields.


  • Easy-to-use liquid mixes directly into your hydroponic nutrient solution or foliar spray
  • Stable at room temperature
  • Crafted through small-batch fermentation
  • Guaranteed 24-month shelf life

Product Details


Beny-Gro’s unique and adaptable microorganisms
Beny-Gro contains seven microbial strains from three different families.

Phototrophic Bacteria, such as Purple Non-Sulphur Bacteria (PNSB), can function in any environment, aerobic or anaerobic. This makes these beneficial bacteria more efficient in agricultural, farming, and hydroponic applications, where they can convert or degrade complex nutrients—including nitrogen, carbon, and other inorganic or organic compounds—to simple forms that can be easily assimilated by plants.

Lactobacillus and Bacillus have long been known for their ability to modulate microbial environments. Where they thrive, they create a friendly environment for plant growth. They are also known to create organic acids that help solubilize nutrients.

Application guidelines
No pre-incubation or pre-mixing required. Simply dilute and apply.

Potted Plants

¼ - ½ T per cup of water


Apply 5 ml of Beny-Gro per gallon of nutrient solution or water.

Foliar Spray

Dilute 1:500 with water and apply.

Seed / Clone Treatment

Dilute 1:500 with water and soak for 15 minutes.

Usage Notes

  • Beny-Gro has a natural pH of 3.9 or less. To avoid plant irritation, make sure to dilute Beny-Gro before allowing contact with plants—especially young, developing ones.
  • Due to its low pH, Beny-Gro may also help dissolve build-up in irrigation lines when used consistently.

Beny-Gro Increases Root Zone Activity

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