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Live now on Grove Collective: Counter Culture

Clean with the power of probiotics

SCD Probiotics provides the probiotic technology that powers Counter Culture—a new, pro-bacteria cleaning line that proudly doesn’t kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Most conventional cleaning products use chemicals to remove all bacteria in your environment, whether they’re good or bad. Counter Culture cleans with the power of (SCD) probiotics, water, and 100% organic essential oils. These friendly, non-toxic cleaners will actually rebalance the microbiome of your home, and because they’re living microorganisms, they even keep working after you’ve finished cleaning.

Meet the Counter Culture lineup:

All-Purpose Non-Toxic Cleaner This non-toxic cleaner breaks down dirt and grease and promote a healthy balance in your home environment, in the same way probiotics work in your body. Good for everyday and heavy-duty use. Available in Lemongrass and Geranium scents.

Non-Toxic Fabric + Air Freshener Unlike most fabric and air fresheners, Counter Culture doesn’t just cover up bad smells: the good bacteria and the biochemicals they produce break down odor-producing compounds in the air. Available in Lemongrass and Geranium scents.

Counter Culture is currently exclusively available at Grove Collective: Shop Now

The brand is also coming soon to certain Whole Foods Markets.