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Kansas City Firm Expands Exports of Probiotic Products

Sales of Probiotics Grow as Companies Look for
Environmentally Sustainable Solutions to Industry Problems

(Kansas City, Missouri) August 12, 2010 - SCD Probiotics, a Kansas City-based manufacturer of probiotic products, recently signed licensing agreements with three additional international licensees (ProBioKashi in South Africa, SCD Eco Probiotica in Macedonia and EcoSystems in India), bringing the total to twenty. Licensees manufacture and distribute SCD Probiotics products to meet a growing demand for chemically-free, sustainable solutions for a wide variety of industry and consumer challenges. This expansion caps a year of increasing success in the global market for the technology provided by SCD Probiotics (see attached table of SCD international partners).

In addition to licensees, international distributors buy and resell SCD products. Exports for 2009 and YTD 2010 exceed 80% of total sales. The company, founded in 1998, has gained experience and expertise in dealing internationally, from identifying prospective partners and handling trademark and registration issues to shipping products and navigating cultural differences. “While the challenges of dealing with foreign obstacles can be daunting,” says Matt Wood, CEO of SCD Probiotics, “we have seen the opportunity that exists outside the continental USA. Our sales growth has allowed us to hire additional staff, and the future looks bright.”

SCD Probiotics provides solutions for a number of industry challenges, including agricultural inoculants for improved crop performance and accelerated composting, sludge reduction in wastewater treatment facilities, odor and pathogen control in livestock operations, and liquid probiotics to strengthen human and pet immune systems.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, SCD Probiotics harnesses nature’s ability to restore personal health and the environment through the development of exclusive probiotic technology. SCD Probiotics Technology utilizes beneficial microorganisms (good bacteria) to repopulate toxic environments with healthy microbes. For more information, refer to

SCD Probiotics
International List of Licensees

AAG Biotics - Northern California
Agrocosta – Guatemala
BioBeta – Venezuela
EcoSystems & Technologies – India
Efficient Microbes - South Africa
EM-EKO - Czech Republic
Greenman Hungary – Hungary
Greenman Romania – Romania
Mesra Alam Borneo – Malaysia
Naturallys - Colombia, South America
Organic Environmental Technology - Southern California
OSMANLI – Turkey
Pacific Science Co., Ltd. - South Korea
PACT Lithuania – Lithuania
ProBioKashi - South Africa
ProBiotics Polska – Poland
SCD Eco Probiotica - Macedonia and Albania
SCD Slovensko – Slovakia
Soil Systems - United Kingdom
ZAW WIN – Myanmar