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SCD Probiotics produces and distributes all-natural, liquid probiotics for environmentally sustainable solutions to human health, home and garden, livestock operations, industrial waste, agriculture and aquaculture applications. To order products from the company nearest you, please refer to the links below.


"A year ago we started a family business called Zona Orgánica. Although Zona Organica only exists since last year, Dora Patricia has been selling your products for over 5 years. We expect to continue growing, since we have lots of expansion plans. We are true believers of your products and we absolutely love what they do for the environment and our health.The most fulfilling part of our work has been listening to what people have to say about the results in their workplace and the benefits for their wellbeing. Someone even said: 'Your products are better than amazing.'"
- Juan Diego Dávila, Zona Orgánica, Colombia
"Applying Tanktechs RX to septic holding tanks did resolve the reported odor issues, reduce the sludge to an insignificant or nonexistent level and remove the need to pump the tanks at the end of the season. The Resort reports a substantial savings by using Tanktechs Rx and not having to pump the usual 16 tanks. The cost of the treatment was comparable to the enzyme treatment they had been using in the past that was not accomplishing these results. It is unknown but assumed to be having a positive impact on the leech fields also."
- Don Zimmermann, Tanktechsrx