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SCD Probiotics Hosts International Probiotics Conference

Case Studies and New Product Announcements Highlights of Seminar

(Kansas City, Missouri) August 19, 2011 - SCD Probiotics, a Kansas City-based manufacturer of probiotic products, concluded their third international conference on probiotic solutions for industrial and consumer applications. Co-hosted with ProBiotics Polska, a licensee of SCD Probiotics, the International Congress of SCD Group took place July 16-18 in Warsaw, Poland. Approximately 350 people from around the world attended. Representatives from 19 countries and six different continents shared their knowledge and outlined the success they have had with SCD Probiotics’ proprietary beneficial microorganisms.

The purpose of the conference was to increase worldwide recognition of the power of probiotic technology to deliver sustainable solutions in a number of microbial environments - including agriculture, industrial waste management and consumer and animal health. Topics ranged from “The Use of Microorganisms in Poultry and Crop Production” to “Companion Animals and Probiotics” to “Probiotics - A Way to Eliminate Waste and Odors.”

A case study from Missouri Organic, a Kansas City, Missouri-based commercial composting operation, was one of the 33 presentations. After regular application of SCD Odor Away™, a significant drop in foul odor emissions was achieved (as measured by a Scentometer). Improved quality of compost (sold as a commercial product) was achieved and penalties previously accessed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) were recalled.

New consumer product lines utilizing SCD Probiotics Technology were also announced. Products now available include:

ProKlean - a complete line of household cleaners including ProKlean Counter Guard, ProKlean Floor Guard, ProKlean DeGreaser and ProKlean All Purpose Kleaner.

SCD Companion Animal Products - Liquid probiotic solutions for household pets, including SCD Probiotics Digestive Health, SCD Probiotics Breath Spray, SCD Probiotics Coat Care, SCD Probiotics Stain & Odor Remover, and SCD Probiotics Equine

SCD Probiotics Body Guard - An all-natural, mosquito repellant.

Matthew Wood, SCD Probiotics founder and CEO, received an award from Poland’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Marek Sawicki, for his contribution to soil science, and the delivery of a technology that revolutionizes our ability to improve agricultural methods in sustainable and economically feasible ways.

“The conference was a tremendous success,” says Wood. “Participation from the global SCD Probiotics community allowed the sharing of knowledge that will drive further innovation in the area of probiotic technology. Our collective experience and passion will help shape the future of our communities, and SCD Probiotics is pleased to be in the forefront of these commercially viable solutions.”

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Missouri Organic Case Study

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