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How Antibiotics Make Healthy Eating Harder for Kids
“For years now, we’ve heard about the dangers of taking too many antibiotics and even consuming antibiotic-laden meat. But if the food is organic or free-range, you’re in the clear, right? Wrong.”

Benefits and Problems of Probiotics for Celiac Disease
“One study in Finland, reported by the National Institutes of Health, concluded that certain strains of probiotics could be protective against the intestinal damage caused by celiac disease.”

Diabetes Health in the News Podcast: Probiotics Can Reduce Infection Risk for Transplant Recipients
“The study also showed other promising facts for the use of probiotics before a liver transplant. Patients who received probiotics had shorter stays in the ICU, and were also able to stop taking antibiotics sooner than patients who did not receive probiotics.”


Probiotics May Be The New Vaccines
“Though known as a bloodborne virus, the authors believed an oral vaccine might be able to boost the immune response sufficiently to prevent infection. They tested the new concept in mice and were happy to find an increase in immunity, specifically against HIV.”

New Equine Sciences Faculty Member Exploring Horse Genetics
“’Horses – like humans and other animals – have almost 10 times as many bacterial cells living on them as other cells in their bodies, so probiotic treatments have potential to be especially useful,’ said Coleman.”

SCD Probiotics Spotlighted in #HubbaPetWeek
“For Hubba Pet Week, we discovered some awesome organic pet food brands who are going the extra mile to make sure that you are feeding your pet all organic ingredients.”


1990 Soil and Chemical Fertilizers MC (152)
“What is a soil? What are the interrelations between soil life and chemical fertilizers? What determines the level of low external inputs? How to best use external inputs is also a question of seed conditions. In this article on the living soil, extensive insights and practical experiences gained through research (e.g. on drought resistance by proper soil management) and work with small farmers in Brazil are shared.”

Hyun Soon Lillehoj: Leading research to reduce the use of antibiotics in poultry
“During three decades as a molecular biologist at the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, Lillehoj has helped mitigate the use of antibiotics in poultry, finding that certain food supplements, probiotics, nutrients and vaccines can replace antibiotics as an effective means of enhancing the immune system and fighting common parasitic diseases and bacterial infections.”

Probiotics in Animal Feed Market Worth $4.40 Billion by 2019
“The Probiotics in Animal Feed Market is projected to reach $4.40 Billion by 2019, at a CAGR of 7.7% from 2014 to 2019.”