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Innovative Kansas City company focuses on improving lives through health and sustainability

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Governor Nixon announces the award of state economic incentives to SCD Probiotics at the company's manufacturing in Kansas City on February 8th. With the Governor is SCD Probiotics CEO Matthew Wood.

KANSAS CITY - Matthew Wood identified how he could make a difference early in his life. At 18, he lost his mother to leukemia. Suspecting environmental factors, Wood became dedicated to searching for a means to help other people live healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. The result has been a cutting-edge Kansas City company that is quickly becoming among Missouri’s most innovative.

Wood founded SCD Probiotics in 1998 while he was an undergraduate student at the University of Missouri in Columbia, working from his garage as a distributor for Japanese products which used microbial technology. Since those humble beginnings, SCD Probiotics has seen remarkable success. In 2004, SCD built a laboratory and fermentation center in downtown Kansas City and began manufacturing products using probiotic technology, capitalizing on the beneficial properties of "good bacteria." Clearly, Wood, the CEO of SCD, was on to something with his new venture.

"I believe that the environment we live in and the quality of food has a direct relationship to health and sustainability," Wood said.

SCD’s products are certainly consistent with Wood’s philosophy. Probiotics, also known as good bacteria, are living microorganisms with beneficial properties. They can take a variety of forms, such as yogurt or dietary supplements, that provide a positive benefit for the human digestive system. They also have a wide variety of other uses, including odor control for pets or livestock, pathogen control for waste facilities, and accelerated composting for agricultural applications.

Under Wood’s leadership, SCD Probiotics is now an emerging global bioscience company that produces probiotics for applications in agriculture, livestock operations, industrial waste management and bioremediation, aquaculture, human health and residential homes and gardens. More than 80 percent of the company’s sales come from international markets.

Recently, SCD’s fortunes received another boost. On February 9, Governor Jay Nixon visited the company’s manufacturing facility in Kansas City to announce a significant package of state economic incentives to assist SCD with its expansion. The $1.4 million package included Enhanced Enterprise Zone resources, recruitment and training assistance, Development Tax Credits, and a loan from the Missouri Technology Corporation.

The state’s incentives helped make it possible for SCD to move its administrative headquarters to 4,800 square feet of new office space at the Mainmark Building in downtown Kansas City, jumpstarting the company’s renovation of a state-of-the-art fermentation facility at SCD’s original manufacturing site in the city’s Paseo West District. The company’s expansion also means the creation of 62 new high-tech jobs and a capital investment of $9.1 million in downtown Kansas City over the next five years, a significant boost to the local economy and Missouri’s thriving animal-health corridor.

"This expansion is a win for SCD Probiotics, a win for Missouri, and a win for downtown Kansas City," Gov. Nixon said. "This major investment by a cutting-edge company will create good jobs for Missourians, and help transform a distressed neighborhood in the heart of Kansas City. I am pleased that my administration is able to provide a strategic package of economic incentives to help SCD Probiotics move forward with their plans, and we look forward to continuing to work with this exciting Missouri company for many years to come."

"SCD Probiotics is pleased to announce our company's growth and expansion plans, and our commitment to the state of Missouri," said Matthew Wood, CEO of SCD Probiotics. "The state's assistance is an important factor for SCD Probiotics to continue to be part of the Kansas City urban area, where our manufacturing facility has been operating since 2004."

It is clear that bioscience, and advanced manufacturing, will play an important role in Missouri’s future economy. But at SCD Probiotics and under Matthew Wood’s leadership, one could safely say that that future is already here now.