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Benefits of Becoming An SCD Probiotics Licensee

While our proprietary technology is what differentiates us in the global marketplace, our attention to customer service and sharing information within the SCD community is what current customers say is our strength.

In order to ensure the highest quality of products are delivered to the end-user, and to help create a strong international brand presence, we offer a comprehensive licensee support package that includes education and training on our technology, operational assistance, marketing support, and incremental revenue opportunity for all licensees.

SCD Probiotics Technology
Access to the SCD mother culture product line as well as ready-to-use products manufactured using SCDís proprietary technology provides each licensee with the tools needed for success.
Exclusive Rights to Products, Industries, or Geographic Regions
As a company with customers around the world, SCD understands the importance of local experts. Thatís why the licensing agreements leverage the experience and knowledge of each company with regards to their respective markets. Exclusive rights for SCD Probiotics technology can be negotiated by product line, by market segment, or by geographic boundaries.
Operations and Training
Annual training workshops are offered for both new and experienced licensees. Topics include quality control issues, facility management, regulatory compliance issues, raw materials specifications, and hands-on production experience. Comprehensive product manuals are provided.
We work with our partners to help them meet their marketing and sales objectives while protecting the brand. Access to product label templates, sales literature, white papers / case studies, photography and registration, and trademark assistance are part of the services offered.
Getting Started
Please fill out and submit (via fax or email) a Licensee Questionnaire or a Distributor Questionnaire to start the process of becoming an SCD Probiotics partner.
Our fax number is 816-471-1404. Or, scan and email to