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Niles Home for Children

In Kansas City, some of the biggest social disparities have been within the amount of resources and support available for at-risk children and their families; in response to this, the Niles Home for Children was established. This community-based organization assists children in low-income, urban areas with their mental health and education needs by providing them with masters-level therapists, quality special education services and access to food and housing. Volunteers and staff assist the students in learning how to prepare for the future. As a way to help the children at Niles become more self-sufficient, they thought an in-door composter would be very beneficial for cultivating their own community garden, as well as instilling a sense of responsibility for the children.

SCD Probiotics donated All-Season Indoor Composter® Kits to the organization to help them with this goal. The composter takes scrap food and (after some time) turns it into a clean, healthy way of fertilizing the soil, eliminating the need for chemically-based products that could be potentially harmful. This addition to the organization has assisted the century-old organization in their initiative to lessen disparities, both in their community and their residents.