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Liquid Probiotics Supporting Human Health

“Friendly bacteria in the gut - also known as intestinal flora, probiotic bacteria, or simply probiotics - keep harmful bacteria in check. One of the best ways to improve your intestinal health is ... by including probiotics in your diet.”
Jordan S. Rubin, N.M.D. and Joseph Bracso, M.D.
Restoring your Digestive Health

Your digestive system is home to up to 100 trillion microbes, many of which keep you from getting sick. Unlike anti-bacterial products that kill all bacteria (healthy and harmful) indiscriminately, probiotics are good bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of microbes and reduce the growth of harmful bacteria.

The following SCD Probiotics products – SCD Essential Probiotics®, SCD Herbal Probiotics®, and Xtra Immunity® - offer three ways to support increased personal wellness.

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Xtra Immunity Xtra Immunity® (Formerly sold as SCD Xtra (EM)*)

Xtra Immunity is create from a natural process fermenting four anti-oxidant rich foods with probiotics to create a health supplement with functional metabolites.

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SCD Herbal Probiotics SCD Herbal Probiotics® (formerly sold as Probiotica*)

This concentrated drink combines the power of probiotics with antioxidants, rebuilds and maintains your digestive system while repairing damage already done. SCD Herbal Probiotics® is made from 19 organic herbs.

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SCD Essential Probiotics SCD Essential Probiotics® - 16.3 oz.

SCD Essential Probiotics® is excellent for regulating digestion and supporting personal wellness.

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