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  1. What is SCD Bio Klean™?
  2. SCD Bio Klean is an all-natural, probiotic cleaner containing powerful microbes and their metabolites that break down grease, grime and dirt. It neutralizes toxic substances and controls pathogens that cause disease.
  3. Where is SCD Bio Klean applied for?
  4. Use SCD Bio Klean for Industrial Cleaning Applications like: drain maintenance, swamp coolers and dehumidifiers, sewer-line and septic-system maintenance, ponds, and lagoons. For Commercial Building / Hotel & Hospitality Maintenance Applications like: food preparation surfaces and processing equipment, grease traps, mold and mildew, sinks and counters, degreasing tile, hardwood, linoleum, and other hard-surfaced flooring. For Household Cleaning Applications like: drains, food waste buckets, toilets, sink, drain, and floors.
  5. How do beneficial microbes in SCD Bio Klean work?
  6. The proprietary blend of microorganisms in SCD Bio Klean repopulates the contaminated area (caused by bad microorganisms) with healthy microorganisms to create a clean, healthy environment. These microorganisms work together through a natural process to populate and consume composted materials, wastewater solids and sludge, grease traps, films, residue, and much more.
  7. What makes SCD Bio Klean different from other commercial-cleaning products?
  8. Most commercial-cleaning products contain chemicals, while SCD Bio Klean is a powerful probiotic cleaner that contains powerful microorganisms and their metabolites that break down grease, grime and dirt, and free of chemicals. SCD Bio Klean contains powerful microorganisms, especially the thephototrophic group, capable of growing in light and/or dark conditions of which the microbes will require different growth factors.

    They can convert sunlight into cellular energy by absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide or breakdown inorganic as well as organic carbon and converting it to biomass. This microbe can also degrade and recycle a variety of aromatic compounds that comprise lignin, the main constituent of wood and the second most abundant polymer on earth. Lastly, not only does SCD Bio Klean help manage levels of stored waste or grease, it is also safe for the environment downstream. It has no hazardous ingredients and is biodegradable because it’s made through a natural fermentation process and is not chemically synthesized or genetically engineered.
  9. How will I use my SCD Bio Klean product?
  10. This product is ready to use, it is concentrated and should be used as directed. Mix only as much as directed in the Usage Guide for each application. For best results, each dilution should be used within 30 days. For questions on specialized applications, please contact our Customer Service team.
  11. How do I know if my SCD Bio Klean product has gone bad?
  12. Checking the product’s pH is an easy way to determine whether the product is safe for use. Do not use the product if its pH is greater than 3.8 or less than 2.2. Also, do not use if the smell of the product does not have a sweet and sour smell. We highly suggest keeping the product at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Lastly, the best by date in your label will guide you if your product is within its effective date.
  13. How is SCD Bio Klean different from chemical products for cleaning?
  14. They work in the opposite manner of chemical products frequently found in industrial settings, offices, restaurants, households, etc. While chemical cleaning products attempt to kill microorganisms without exception of good or bad microorganisms, probiotics are beneficial microorganisms used to repopulate the contaminated area with healthy microorganisms, creating a clean and healthy environment. The proprietary blend of microorganisms in SCD Bio Klean also neutralizes the toxic substances and controls disease-causing microorganisms.
  15. What are some benefits achieved with SCD Bio Klean?
  16. SCD Bio Klean works to control pathogens that cause disease like E. coli, Enterococcus or coliforms, reduce sludge production, control algae in ponds or lagoons, save energy in wastewater-treatment plants, reduce or replace the need for chemical cleaners, with proven filed results. It’s easy to use in industrial or household settings and it has a concentrated formula, providing cost-effective cleaning, safe to use around children, adult, livestock and pets. SCD Probiotics follows food grade cGMP guidelines enforced in USDA. SCD Bio Klean will not only clean but also remove odor caused by bad microorganisms.
  17. I have mold in my garage. What concentration is needed for mold? How often should I treat the areas on drywall?
  18. Wipe the mold-affected area first to get rid of any mold that might be on the surface. This will give the microbes less to fight off when they are first applied. Then, spray a 1:50 (SCD Bio Klean: de-chlorinated water) onto dry surface and scrub clean. For continuously damp areas, SCD Bio Klean may need to be applied on a regular basis.
  19. Will the product kill molds? How does it exactly work on molds?
  20. Nothing in our living solutions kills mold. SCD Bio Klean is a culture of live organisms that when put on a surface or introduced into an environment, will begin populating and consuming available resources that will successfully compete with the population of bad microorganisms through competitive exclusion.

    However, in an environment in which mold has been dominating, SCD Bio Klean can provide a balance that, once the mold has been brought to lower numbers by scrubbing with SCD Bio Klean, water, or another natural cleaner, will change the environment so as to no longer support mold domination. That is why it works so well. Bleaches and other chemical solutions sterilize areas, (or at least chemically shock them for a while) leaving them open to re-population by mold spores which are always floating in the air. These chemicals not only shock the surface onto which they are applied, they continue to hurt many other systems as well - furthering the ecological balance which caused the problem in the first place. With SCD Bio Klean applied to an area instead, previously moldy surfaces are protected against re-population because the environment has been replaced by healthy, natural, competition.
  21. What product can you recommend for toxic mold treatment?
  22. We can recommend the SCD Bio Klean. It uses nature’s own design to break down and rid areas of pathogenic compounds which may be detrimental to the health and balance of an environment.
  23. How do probiotics break down dirt?
  24. Powerful microorganisms and their metabolites break down grease, grime, and dirt. In breaking down, inorganic as well as organic carbon are converted to biomass. When levels of stored waste or grease are managed, then there is a healthy, clean, and safe environment. Unlike chemicals, SCD BioKlean cleans the underlying film that holds the dirt. Surfactant free formula helps in quick drying of surfaces. These two factors offer the unique possibility of reduced re-soiling.
  25. How is SCD Bio Klean exactly different from SCD Odor Away?
  26. SCD Bio Klean is an all-natural, industrial strength cleaner. SCD Odor Away is an all-natural, safe biological odor reducer containing exclusive microbes and their metabolites.
  27. Does SCD Bio Klean degrade petroleum? How does it neutralize petroleum or other toxic substances?
  28. SCD Bio Klean and its properties prevent mineral deposits by digesting harmful organic compounds (including petroleum) and breaking them down into smaller, less volatile compounds which are actually beneficial to the environment. Please contact for specialized applications.
  29. How should I deal with the product sedimentation in the container?
  30. To avoid sedimentation in larger containers, we recommend to do stirring with a clean rod but not too much to avoid off gassing.
  31. I still want to use chemical-cleaning agents for cleaning? Can I use them together with SCD Bio Klean? Any guideline?
  32. In general, chemicals have various types and should be specified to check if it is fine to be used with SCD Bio Klean or if it would detrimental to our good microorganisms. For example, chlorine-based chemicals are not recommended to go together with SCD Bio Klean. However, in contrast, it may not be the case always because some suggest using SCD Bio Klean after chemical application, to make the area healthy. Specialized applications need to be consulted to SCD Technical Team for advice.