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News Release

Date: For Immediate Release
Contact: Jessica Phetvorasack,

Natalie Rada Promoted To Tannery Technology Manager

SCD Probiotics Continues Expansion of Tannery Team

KANSAS CITY, MO – November 21, 2012 – SCD Probiotics is pleased to announce the promotion of Natalie Rada to Tannery Technology Manager on the Sales and Marketing Team. Natalie joined the company in February 2012 and has held the position of Technology Coordinator since that time.

In this new position Natalie will be responsible for managing the growth and development of the tannery products around the world as well as managing new team members.

SCD’s tannery line is expected to see substantial growth in 2013 as the products head into their second year in the market. Expansion into additional markets in Asia, Europe, North and South America and others will be a focus for the new year. New team members will be added to facilitate and drive this development.

SCD’s tannery products provide an alternative to traditional chemicals which can be replaced and reduced while still providing high quality finished leather. Reduced processing time, effluent loads, energy costs and water usage are just a few of the advantages. Applicable across all hides and skins and in numerous stages during leather processing, SCD’s tannery line has few limitations.

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