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SCD Probiotics Technology

What is SCD Probiotics®

Probiotics are live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host and contribute to a more balanced microbiome.

SCD Probiotics® is on the cutting edge of developing technology to apply the concept of “probiotics” in a variety of industries and applications - from human health and agriculture to industrial waste management, and beyond. As such, our products cater to a full spectrum of microbiomes.

As a leading biotech firm, SCD Probiotics harnesses technology that utilizes beneficial and effective microbes to repopulate environments with healthy microorganisms. In effect, SCD Probiotics provides a natural, organic technology that provides the following expected benefits:

  • Improves the human immune system
  • Aids the digestive tract in people
  • Provides eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Improves soil and increases crop yields
  • Improves livestock health
  • Provides odor control at commercial, industrial, hospitality, and residential sites
  • Natural solution in waste management for re-use and recycling
  • Restores healthy balance to polluted sites
  • Increases production of fish in commercial applications
  • Furthers disaster-relief efforts
  • Contributes to carbon credits projects by saving energy

SCD Probiotics Technology is based on the principles of beneficial and effective microorganism (EM) technology* developed in Japan over thirty years ago. From there, SCD Probiotics’ research and development team has spent the last ten years refining the process, using a selected number of microbial strains in consortia (co-growth environment) to produce a variety of proprietary, probiotic products. All of this was achieved while maintaining a singular focus on the microbiome. As such, these microbial strains include lactic acid bacteria (found in yogurt and cheese), yeast (found in bread and beer), and phototrophic bacteria (cousins of blue-green algae), all of which contribute to the creation of more balanced formulas.

SCD Probiotics Technology creates products that work in the opposite manner of antibacterial products, in that they introduce beneficial microorganisms to a living system rather than killing the bad bacteria. The repetitive introduction of beneficial microorganisms in any living system’s microbiome will ensure that the healthy microbes dominate the disease-causing populations. Consequently, SCD Probiotics Technology provides sustainable solutions to the system, without creating any downstream problems.

SCD Probiotics Inside

scd probiotics inside

Products displaying the SCD Probiotics Inside® logo have been manufactured using the highest quality of probiotics technology available. This technology represents the use of the highest quality beneficial microbes, ingredients, proprietary formulas, culturing processes and quality control standards developed by SCD Probiotics’ research and manufacturing team.

Look for this logo to ensure the highest quality of probiotics-based products, including all Mother Cultures and ready-to-use products created for specific applications, such as SCD Bio Ag®, Bio Livestock®, SCD Bio Klean™ and SCD Odor Away™.

The principal microorganisms in SCD Probiotics are:

A. Lactic acid bacteria
Lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid from sugars and other carbohydrates, developed by phototrophic bacteria and yeast. Therefore, some foods and drinks such as yogurt and pickles have been made with lactic acid bacteria for decades. However, lactic acid is a strong sterilizing compound, and suppresses harmful microorganisms and enhances decomposition of organic matter. Moreover, lactic acid bacteria promote the decomposition of material such as lignin and cellulose and ferments these materials, thereby removing undesirable effects of under composed organic matter.

B. Yeast
Yeast synthesize antimicrobial and other useful substances required for plant growth from amino acids and sugars secreted by phototrophic bacteria, organic matter and plant roots. The bioactive substances such as hormones and enzymes produced by yeasts promote active cell and root division. These secretions are also useful substrates for effective microbes such as lactic acid bacteria and actinomyces.

c. Phototrophic Bacteria
The phototrophic bacteria are a group of independent, self supporting microbes. These bacteria synthesize useful substances from secretions of roots, organic matter and/or harmful gases (eg. hydrogen sulphide), by using sunlight and the heat of soil as sources of energy. Useful substances developed by these microbes include amino acids, nucleic acids, bioactive substances and sugars, all of which promote plant growth and development. The metabolites developed by these microorganisms are absorbed directly into plants and act as substrates for increasing beneficial populations.

*SCD Probiotics is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by EM Research Organization, Inc. or their affiliates.

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