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Missouri Invests In Bacteria Research; Hope For Expansion, Jobs Downtown

By Laura Ziegler
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Kansas City, Missouri A company that manufactures so-called "good bacteria" is expanding in Kansas City, thanks to $1.4 million in incentives from the state of Missouri and Kansas City.

The company, SCD Probiotics, has been granted tax credits, tax abatements, and low interest loans that will enable it to expand at its current facility in the Paseo West district.

C.E.O. Matthew Wood says he's excited about adding to the animal and human health business in the region; "Over 5 years we plan to make $9 million in capital investment, add 62 jobs, and increase (the) footprint of (our) manufacturing facility by 50 to 60 thousand square feet."

Wood started SCD Probiotics in his garage as an University of Missouri undergrad in soil science.

Probiotics are micro organisms that fight the adverse effects of harmful bacteria.

According to Wood, the company has developed applications for probiotics in agriculture, industrial waste treatment, and human and animal health.