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SCD's TEchnology Used to Combat Hurricane Katrina Mold

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SCD (Sustainable Community Development, L.L.C.), a leading producer of natural biotechnology, has been supporting the clean up efforts in New Orleans with products to combat mold.

A significant issue facing the areas damaged by floodwaters after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita is the consistent and dangerous toxic build-up of mold.

SCD has provided Super Activated Efficient Microbes® (SAEM) to relief organizations for use in mold remediation. Efficient Microbes® is a blend of beneficial microorganisms that work to repopulate environments with healthy microbes. These microorganisms digest and break down harmful substances into their non-toxic components. SAEM is a premixed formula that can be sprayed onto affected areas for treatments. Once a building is properly inoculated, it creates an environment that does not attract further mold. SAEM is natural, safe and environmentally friendly. It can also reduce the harmful toxins in the air that are leading to esophageal problems currently being reported by workers in the cleanup areas.

These organizations, including Love Mercy, the Church of Scientology, and The Earth Organization (TEO) have received either free product or deeply discounted product to use in attacking mold. TEO has sent teams of volunteers to the affected areas to spray homes, churches and schools. TEO also trained others in how to apply the product effectively.

“We want to thank friends and supporters of SCD who helped with donations and certainly thank the non-profit organizations for their work on the front lines of clean-up,” stated Matthew Wood, founder and CEO of SCD, “Our non-toxic SCD EM products are extraordinarily effective and we are pleased to be able to use these to help the people of the Gulf Coast area recapture their lives.”