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Probiotic Holdings Announces $9 Million USD in Financing Year to Date - June 17, 2019
Probiotic Holdings, LLC and its subsidiaries Proviera Biotech, LLC and SCD Probiotics announced closing an additional $6 million investment bringing the total to $9.3 million USD since January 2019. The funds will be used to support and expand Probiotic Holdings’ 44,000-square-foot fermentation manufacturing and research and development laboratories; strengthen its technology platform; and enable the continued global commercialization of its organic, bio-based biochemicals and microbial products.

SCD strives to engage in our community through charitable giving to local organizations. This year we were a 'seed sower' sponsor for Powell Gardens, a 970-acre botanical garden that features 6,000 species of plants and 225,000 plants in seasonal displays. Congrats Powell Gardens on your 30th birthday!
October 12, 2018

Congratulations to our technology partner, Proklean Technologies Pvt Ltd.! They were among the top 25 clean tech innovators in the Asia Pacific region named by a well-know global organization, Cleantech Group that recognizes private companies developing clean technology.
October 3, 2018

We are hitting the road this fall, attending farm shows and showcasing new products.
September 21, 2018

Dr. Nihan Duygu of SCD Probiotics presented two papers at an international veterinary conference in Belgrade last week; One on the use of probiotics over antibiotic growth promoters in broiler chickens. And the other on positive effects of SCD Probiotics on rumen pH and protozoa counts in dairy cattle. Both papers were well received and could lead to additional studies with area universities.
September 14, 2018

Live now on Grove Collective: Counter Culture
August 2018

"Probiotics for sustainable leather" from May 2017

Google Finance: Rallis India Limited

May 10, 2017

SCD joins with Rallis for Indian probiotics

May 10, 2017

SCD Probiotics and Rallis India Limited, a Subsidiary Company of TATA Chemicals Limited, Sign Agreement for Animal Health Market in India

May 10, 2017

SCD Probiotics and Rallis India Limited, a Subsidiary Company of TATA Chemicals Limited, Sign Agreement for Animal Health Market in India

May 10, 2017

SCD Probiotics and Rallis India Limited, a Subsidiary Company of TATA Chemicals Limited, Sign Agreement for Animal Health Market in India

May 10, 2017

KC company lands contract with India's largest conglomerate

April 27, 2017

Stahl hosts calf skin transparency and traceability event

Leather chemicals manufacturer Stahl hosted a one-day event called ReVeal on November 2, aimed at giving finished product brands up-to-date information about transparency and traceability in the leather supply chain.

SCD Essential Probiotics is a featured products in the Bi-Monthly newsletter for importers of U.S Foods - U.S. Food Link, April/May 2016.
For more information about the products visit

Proviera Biotech, LLC and Stahl Announce Strategic Alliance
March 2, 2016


SCD Probiotics & Matthew Wood spotlighted in Frost & Sullivan article

Your Solution for Probiotics Industry News - November 2015

Human Health
How Antibiotics Make Healthy Eating Harder for Kids
“For years now, we’ve heard about the dangers of taking too many antibiotics and even consuming antibiotic-laden meat. But if the food is organic or free-range, you’re in the clear, right? Wrong.”

Benefits and Problems of Probiotics for Celiac Disease
“One study in Finland, reported by the National Institutes of Health, concluded that certain strains of probiotics could be protective against the intestinal damage caused by celiac disease.”


SCD Probiotics® Announces Controlling Share in Probiotics Polska
SCD Probiotics®, a global leader in probiotic technologies designed to enhance human, animal, and environmental health, has acquired a controlling share in Probiotics Polska Sp. z o.o. Probiotics Polska Sp. z o.o. is SCD Probiotics' partner and is a top-performing company that has exemplified exceptional skill and passion for developing an environmentally friendly probiotic market in Poland and other European countries.

SCD Probiotics® Licensee Proklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Wins 2015 Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Award
It is with great pleasure to announce that SCD Probiotics® licensee Proklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was awarded a 2015 Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Award. The award was issued from the Sustainability Outlook organization, a leading market access platform in the sustainability industry that spearheaded this initiative to spotlight industry leaders. Of 600 nominees, Proklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was one of twelve organizations that received the award.
Learn more...

SCD Probiotics Buys Controlling Interest in Polish Company - October 2015
Written by Thinking Bigger Business Staff

The potential of probiotics to promote greater livestock health - July 2015
Unlike antibiotics – which kill bacteria – probiotics are live cultures of beneficial microorganisms
By Michael Flood

In April of 2015, SCD Probiotics® had the pleasure of attending the first-ever Ingenuity Central as both an exhibitor and honoree. Dr. Narin Tipsrisukond, Vice President of Technology,accepted the award on behalf of the company.
SCD Probiotics was one of twenty-two area companies recognized for efforts in creating innovative technology

K-State Olathe Selects 22 Companies for New Ingenuity Awards - April 2015
by James Hart

K-State's Innovation Campus event aims to showcase region's ingenuity - April 2015
by Leslie Collins

Twenty-two area companies to be honored for innovation - April 2015

Spotlight on Missouri Exporter SCD Probiotics - March 2015
By Missouri Economic Development

Make a Peachy Probiotic Smoothie with SCD Essential Probiotics - March 2015
By Margaux J Rathbun, B.S., N.T.P

Thad Simons Named to Proviera Biotech Board of Directors - December 29, 2014

HEMP Mentor Maxims: The Four Bases of Small Business - November 2014

Think Bigger Sept 2014- Solving a Growing Problem


The World is KC’s Oyster, July 2014


The 4th International Congress of SCD Probiotics Group in Poland


Save the Date! Come to the 4th International Congress of SCD Probiotics Group in Poland

The two day of presentations will be followed by two days of touring, idea sharing and site visits .

We look forward to seeing you in Poland for the 4th International Congress of SCD Probiotics Group!

Brochure of 4th International Conference
4th International Congress Detail Information 2014

For more information, please contact your account coordinator or email

Give your smoothie a probiotic twist!, May 12, 2014

SCD Probiotics continues to expand KC operations, April 21, 2014

Success Story: SCD Probiotics — Kansas City, April 9, 2014

Probiotics keep kids healthy, March, 2014
By Drs. Kay Judge and Maxine Barish-Wreden

Earth-Friendly Leather
Forestry professor helps reduce environmental impact
December 30, 2013

We have completed a testing of our Equine Plus and SCD Bio Livestock® products for banned substances
November 5, 2013

Click here for more info..

Want to learn more about microbes?
October 2013

Click here to view Microbe Man

SCD Probiotics has a solar system at our manufacturing plant

Click here to view monthly summary of the beneficial impacts of this system
(September 2, 2013 - October 1, 2013)

SCD Probiotics Completes Toxicity Testing on SCD Mother Culture™ , September 11, 2013

SCD Probiotics conducted toxicity testing with a 3rd party laboratory using OECD methods. SCD Probio Balance Plus was found to be not toxic in 13 separate tests of lab animals. These results are similar for other SCD Probiotic Products and not limited to ProBio Balance Plus.

OECD methods are based on European rule, but the US FDA has been working with OECD for years to harmonize the methods in order to simplify requirements to the manufacturer. These methods are recognized in the US as well as the EU. Click here to view the results.

SCD Probiotics Awarded Missouri Governor's Exporter of the Year Award September 2013

KC Company SCD Probiotics Named Missouri Exporter Of The Year, September 2013

Gov. Nixon honors Missouri businesses, education and economic development leaders at 2013 Governor’s Conference on Economic Development
September 2013

Sep 2013: Matthew Wood and SCD Probiotics received the 2013 Governor's Exporter of the Year Award Winner from Jay Nixon, Governor of State of Missouri at the annual Governor's Economic Development Conference in Kansas City.

The selection is an acknowledgement of the success that SCD has had in attracting more business opportunities, creating more quality, high-paying jobs and improving the overall quality of life for fellow Missourians.

> Read it on Kansas City Public Media
> Watch it on YouTube

Matt Wood, CEO of SCD Probiotics, gives tips on how to produce nutrient rich compost and compost tea for your garden right in the comforts of your kitchen! Watch video in the player above for his demonstration on how-to use the All Season Indoor Composter.

You can vote for All Season Indoor Composter in Walmart's "Get on the Shelf" contest. Voting is open through September 2.

SCD Probiotics featured in the Kansas City Business Journal:
Five Companies in the “Corridor”: Innovative products and technology foster growth in the Animal Health Corridor, May 2013

Kansas City Business Journal : "Embracing Growth in the Animal Health Corridor" , May 2013.
Krista Klaus Power Lunch Byte with Matthew Wood, CEO of SCD Probiotics

Savvy Saving Couple:
Bokashi Composting with the SCD Probiotics All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit
April 15, 2013

SCD Probiotics launches new tannery subsidiary, Proviera Biotech, to commercialize advanced probiotic and biochemical products to replace traditional chemicals used in the global leather tannery industry. Tannery processes have remained unchanged for many years; Proviera's products provide innovative solutions to reduce pollution and operating costs while also improving leather quality and yield. Proviera is posed to launch new product solutions to take advantage of the $4.4 billion global tannery chemicals industry.
April 2013

City start-up replaces toxins with microbes

Deccan Chronicle, in Chennai, April 2013 .

Gov. Nixon dedicates new facility for SCD Probiotics

Dec. 18, 2012

The Kansas City Star:
KC biotechnology company to dedicate $1.4 million downtown expansion

Dec. 13, 2012

The KMBZ Business Channel, Kansas City Power Lunch
Radio interview by Krista Klaus with Matthew Wood, CEO of SCD Probiotics

Dec. 10, 2012
Direct link to source:

Kansas City Business Journal:
SCD Probiotics will open renovated manufacturing plant

December 5, 2012

SCD Probiotics is hosting an international contingency of licensees, distributors, and representatives for an informative conference on probiotics, their application, and adoption in various countries around the world. The 3-day conference will provide training, introduction of new products and collaboration between attendees.

The event will be highlighted by a ribbon cutting ceremony inaugurating the expansion and renovation of SCD Probiotics’ manufacturing facility in downtown Kansas City. This event will be attended by the mayor of Kansas City, Sly James and the governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon. The ribbon cutting will take place on Friday, 14th of December, 2012 at 2:00 p.m at our Manufacturing Facility at 1327 E. 9th Street Kansas City, MO 64106 and our open house will take place at our corporate offices at 1627 Main Street, Suite 700 Kansas City, MO 64108 and will go from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Both events are open to the public.

For more information contact:

SCD Tannery Products Achieve REACH Certification, October 2012

SCD ProDegreaze has achieved REACH certification for usage in the European Union! All SCD tannery products are undergoing certification and full results/certifications will be available next month.

REACH certification is an EU regulation that requires all chemicals and products sold in the EU to comply with strict restricted substances limits. The EU began enforcing REACH requirements in 2007 with the main objective of assessing hazards and risks of substances, and to identify and implement the risk management measures to protect humans and the environment.

ProDegreaze is SCD’s degreasing agent for leather processing. ProDegreaze is derived from SCD’s Probiotic Technology and offers progressively efficient removal of fat from all types of hides and skins improving the uptake of chemicals and dyes in further processes. It is non-foaming, cost effective, 100% natural and biodegradable. All of SCD’s tannery products operate in a wide temperature and pH range and provide added value to tanneries by reducing effluent toxicity.

If you are not using SCD tannery products-contact us today!

Our international partner Proklean India achieves great success in the Hospitality industry with its probiotic cleaning products. The products are in use in many hotels in Chennai including the Taj Coromandel, Vintana, Park Sheraton Chennai, My Fortune Chennai, Hilton Chennai and The Park and in Bangalore at The Leela and The Taj West End
August 2012

NyTimes: July 2012 Our modern, industrialized, germ-phobic approach to food has resulted in a surge of allergic and autoimmune disorders.

Jeff D. Leach is founder of the Human Food Project, taking a closer look at the anthropology of microbes and ancestral health.

Bonnie Bassler on how bacteria "talk", June 2012

SCD Probiotics Hosts International Probiotics Conference in Warsaw, Poland 2011

Researchers: Probiotics Play a Crucial Role in Your Health, April 2012

Ökonet organized last Saturday a conference in Budapest with more then 300 people about the SCD technology.
March 2012

Matt Wood Puts the 'Pro' in 'Probiotics' - September 2011

Check out this video on using Okonet’s products. These products are made using SCD Probiotics Technology! , June 2011

Matthew Wood travelled to Hungary to participate in Okonet’s conference on SCD Probiotics.
June 2011

Check out the conference photos here:

Congratulations from the King and Queen of Green! Your segment on the Going Green with the King radio show has been chosen as one of the best segments, which has been aired over the last two years! As such, your segment is being re-aired during a two part celebration of the Best of Going Green With The King Radio Show-The First Two Years, which will air on Friday, March 19th and Friday, March 25th during a special re-broadcast event! This event will be capped off by a special Green Roundtable Show which will air during our 100th Radio Broadcast Celebration on Friday, April 1st! We hope that you will listen and feel free to share with your friends and family, which would include your social media family via Blog, Facebook and Twitter! We wanted to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for your ongoing support and for being part of the Going Green With The King Show!
April 2011

Missouri - Department of Economic Development
Innovative Kansas City company focuses on improving lives through health and sustainability
February 25, 2011

Matthew Wood named KC Business 2011 "Rising Star"
February 2011

Kansas City Public Media:
SCD Probiotics Plans to Expand
February 9, 2011

Earth Probiotics
visit with Matthew Wood

January 2011.

100 Things That Are Getting Better
February 1, 2010

SCD Probiotics composting kit makes the list!
#36 - Composting
Thanks to apartment-friendly composting bins (like the Happy Farmer Kitchen Composter Kit --- now called ALL SEASONS INDOOR COMPOSTER™ kit) last night's dinner can easily be turned into something good for Mother Earth.

The interview was December 1, 2010

Radio Green Talk

Featured Guest, Matthew Wood, CEO, SCD Probiotics

WSMN 15:90 am, Nashua, New Hampshire

"Organic Growth: SCD Probiotics finds new uses for helpful bacteria."

Click here for the complete article.

Kansas City Business Journal, August 13, 2010

Meat & Poultry Magazine features SCD Probiotics' odor, pathogen control in livestock facilities
July 9, 2010

An Alternative to Industrial Farming

May 9, 2010

View original publication in Polish
View English translation

SCD All Seasons Indoor Composter ™ Makes News

KC Star, Sunday, March 21, 2010

SCD Probiotics Receives 25 Under 25® Award - February 2010

Hot Talk Radio (Kansas City, Missouri, 1510 AM)

Interview with Matthew Wood

Founder and CEO of SCD Probiotics

All Seasons Indoor Composting Kit (formerly called Happy Farmer Composting Kit) featured in Wall Street Journal
Quick and Not So Dirty: No-Sweat Composters
October 14, 2009

Food With 'Good Bacteria' Can Improve Your Health
Parade Magazine, USA, September 2009

SCD Probiotics founder, Matthew Wood, speaks about the principals of effective microorganisms applied science in Warsaw, Poland.
July 2009

SCD's TEchnology Used to Combat Hurricane Katrina Mold , May 2009

SCD uso en casas, May 2007

Sierra Club’s tips to live “green” include
SCD’s Kitchen Composter!

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The Washington Post touts
SCD’s Odor Away™!

Read more » PDF | HTML

Readers of Tree Hugger and other environmentally conscious web sites recommend SCD products!
June 2005

Tree Hugger »

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