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Yuyobi Yuyobi®

Yuyobi isn’t just a probiotic formula; Yuyobi is a fermented way of manufacturing. When you choose this shelf-stable, premier liquid ingredient for your food and beverage additive needs, you are sending a strong message to your consumers: “They deserve the absolute best ingredients.” And that’s exactly what you will need – quality ingredients, delivered for optimal results.

Organic Blackstrap Molasses Organic Blackstrap Molasses A Rich Source of Minerals

Our molasses is unsulfurized and processed without synthetic chemicals under strict organic standards.

Our Price: $12.00
pH Paper pH Paper for Determining Maturity and Quality of SCD Probiotics

Used to check the pH of SCD Probiotics Mother Cultures™. A pH of 3.5 or less is considered optimal range. Range of pH tape: 2.9-5.2

Our Price: $15.00
Beny-Gro Beny-Gro™

is a high-quality, organic source of seven strains of beneficial microorganisms—from three different families—that work together to support your plants’ growth and reduce the need for expensive and harmful chemical-based fertilizers.

Our Price: $24.95
Ceramic Pipe S-Type <span class="subt">Can absorb toxins</span> Ceramic Pipe S-Type Can absorb toxins

Used in toilets, fish or water tanks, and ponds to structure water and reduce dirt and slime build-up. A handful of these pipes in the laundry will structure the water and increase the cleansing power of soaps.

Our Price: $29.55
Ceramic Pipe N-Type <span class="subt">The versatile N-Type ceramic can be used in the bathtub, fish tanks, plant water, and in flower vases.</span> Ceramic Pipe N-Type The versatile N-Type ceramic can be used in the bathtub, fish tanks, plant water, and in flower vases.

The N – Type SCD Probiotics ceramics is used to absorb and eliminate ammonia nitrogen.

Our Price: $29.55
Ceramics A Powder Ceramics A Powder A material used to reduce toxic fumes

Designed especially for use in paints, glues, & other building materials to reduce toxic fumes.

Our Price: $39.95

Bio Ceramics in lime building - Auroville