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Sustainability is an enterprise for companies that have minimal negative impact on the global or local environment. Environmental sustainability is also the process of making sure current processes that impact the environment are pursued with the conscious effort of keeping the environment as unspoiled as naturally possible.

That said, SCD Probiotics’ mission is to be the premier developer and global provider of probiotic technology, strategically partnering with others to offer products and services that improve human health and the environment. SCD Technology strives to help improve the quality of human and animal life with unique products that enhance health through the power of probiotics.. Our team members know that probiotic technology is a tool that can be harnessed to improve life by offering safe, natural, and cost-effective solutions to environmental and health challenges.

SCD Probiotics incorporates environmental and agricultural sustainability as well while improving the quality of human life while investing in the innovation. One of our most important goals is being a model “green” company, providing realistic, non-harmful solutions that improve the environment. SCD Technology helps improve the quality of human and animal life with unique products that enhance health through the power of probiotics. Food is essential for life and agriculture is an important source for food. Everything from the crop needs for irrigation water, transport, and retail. SCD Technology is designed to keep the waters clean and to help plants grow healthy. Furthermore, we aim to procure the products with a long shelf-life, offering a guarantee to the customers in market development, distribution, and logistics.

Increasing urbanization pollutes clean water supplies and SCD products help manage this by improving water’s chemical and microbiologic structure for all blue (harvestable) and green (soil water available for plant use) water. Furthermore, SCD Technology has amazing effects on waste-water treatments and composting. SCD products competitively exclude the harmful putrefactive bacteria in the environment which otherwise lead to odors, thus reducing the odor. With waste-water applications, SCD products increase capacity of the system by up to 25%, reduce sludge up to 35%, decrease pathogenic microbes, improve sanitary conditions, reduce of energy consumption by up to 50%, etc.

Sustainability is the key to prevent or reduce effect of environmental, agricultural, and health issues. there now clear scientific evidence that humanity living unsustainably, an unprecedented collective effort needed return human use natural resources products. scd technology offers products for sustainable health, animal yield, agriculture, environment with power beneficial microorganism consortia.