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Two Kansas City Firms Join Forces to Sell Probiotic Products Online

SCD Probiotics and OCCU-TEC have formed an alliance to sell consumer-packaged probiotics online, through a new site,
(Kansas City, Missouri) February 3, 2011- SCD Probiotics, a Kansas City-based manufacturer of probiotic products, is partnering with OCCU-TEC, a leader in sustainable safety and education for industrial customers, to promote, sell and fulfill a complete line of probiotic products geared for consumer applications.

OCCU-TEC will provide the consumer products under the brand “Innovative ProBiotics”, and market through their e-commerce site,, which was officially launched in January to capture the large and growing market demand for probiotics*. The global market for probiotics (including foodstuffs and supplements) is to grow to $31.2 billion by 2014 according to a new market research report, 'Probiotics Market (2009-2014)’, published by The major factors driving the growth of the global probiotics market are the increasing levels of health-consciousness and the availability of probiotics in the form of dietary supplements.

Further market opportunity exists in the $52 billion US pet industry, where according to the PetFoodForum (2010), new products are crucial to revenue growth, and the top claim in 2009 was “natural” (almost double the claims compared to 2007).

Demand for “all-natural” lawn and garden products continue to grow as well. The $460 million (2008) estimated Organic Lawn and Garden Industry Sector was up 12% over 2007** and is expected to continue. Several SCD Probiotics products being sold on the new e-commerce site fall into this category.

A list of online consumer SCD Probiotics products, for Human Health, Pets, Home, Farm & Garden and Kitchen & Bath, is included on the following page.

“We are excited to be a part of this growing market opportunity,” says Skuli Gudmundsson, Chief Executive Officer of OCCU-TEC. “This is a perfect complement to our mission of delivering sustainable solutions for businesses and consumers. We are fortunate to have a top-quality manufacturer of probiotics right here in our home town, and we look forward to working closely with SCD Probiotics.”

In addition to their e-commerce site for consumers, OCCU-TEC operates as an enduser provider of industrial products for SCD Probiotics, educating government and business customers and offering solutions using beneficial microbial technology. These applications include wastewater treatment, odor and pathogen control, environmental bioremediation, agriculture, industrial waste reduction, aquaculture, recreational water quality improvement and commercial composting.

“OCCU-TEC is committed to a similar mission as SCD Probiotics - delivering sustainable solutions for businesses and now, consumers,” says Matthew Wood, Chief Executive Officer of SCD Probiotics. “Together, our companies can provide people interested in natural, environmentally-friendly products a wide variety of probiotic products for their homes, their pets and their personal health.”

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, SCD Probiotics harnesses nature’s ability to restore personal health and the environment through the development of exclusive probiotic technology. SCD Probiotics Technology utilizes beneficial microorganisms (good bacteria) to repopulate toxic environments with healthy microbes. For more information refer to

OCCU-TEC is a 27-year old Kansas City, Missouri based professional services firm originally founded as a consulting and training provider; providing specialized business solutions to help clients effectively manage environmental, occupational health and safety risk, control operational costs, and improve overall productivity. OCUC-TEC is considered as the “Solution Specialists” by their clients. For more information refer to

*According to the currently adopted definition by the World Health Organization, probiotics are: "Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host".

**Packaged Facts: Trends in Organic Lawn and Garden Products, 2nd Edition; January 2009

Innovative Probiotics Consumer Goods Product Line

Category Product Benefit
Human Health SCD Xtra Immunity® A liquid daily dose for strengthening the immune system
SCD Essential Probiotics® A liquid daily dose for help with digestive tract*
SCD Herbal Probiotics® A liquid daily dose for help with digestive tract* - herbal taste
Pet Probiotics Probiotic Additive for Dogs Aids dogʼs digestive health
Breath Spray for Dogs Helps control bad breath
Coat Care for Dogs Controls stinky pet fur
Odor & Stain Remover Reduces odors and cleans pet messes
SCD Probiotics™ ProBio Equine Aids horsesʼ digestive health
Home, Farm & Garden All Seasons Indoor Composter® Kit Easy kitchen composting for food waste
All Seasons Bokashi™ Accelerates food fermentation and reduces odors
SCD Probiotics™ Soil Enrichment Enriches the soil with beneficial microorganisms for healthy lawns & gardens
SCD Probiotics™ Body Guard All-natural protection against pests
SCD Probiotics™ Barn Kleaner Reduces odors and harmful bacteria in the barn
Kitchen & Bath ProKlean™ Floor Guard All-natural cleaning product for household floors
ProKlean™ Counter Guard All-natural cleaning product for kitchen and baths
ProKlean™ DeGreaser Probiotic cleaning solution for heavy grease
ProKlean™ Fruit & Vegetable Wash Probiotic wash for removing surface dirt on fruits & vegetables