Baby, Now We Got Bad Bugs

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It's quiet; it's relaxing; it's yours. Your quiet space is a place of harmony, where you can go to be yourself and be alone. But what if... you're not actually alone? In your furniture, your clothing, even your favorite blanket, they're everywhere.... bugs. Good bugs, bad bugs, the whole lot of them. They're tiny. They're dirty. They're everywhere.

We're not talking about actual bugs, like ants or termites (although those are just as pesky). No, we are talking about bacteria. Bacteria, or "bugs" as it is sometimes referred to, is the cause of sickness, illness, and dirt and grime building up all over your favorite things. Even though some of these bugs may be beneficial to health (which will be discussed later), some can be super harmful... and hiding in places you'd never expect!

But what places in your home are the dirtiest? And what should we clean that we normally wouldn't dream of?


As gross as it is, we all do it-- we grab our phone out in the bathroom and lay it on the sink (and maybe the back of the toilet); we place it in our back pocket or lay it in our purse, where a lot of bacteria is present form touching the outside world; and then... we touch the phone. According to research, our phones are 10x dirtier than a toilet seat. A PUBLIC toilet seat.  We put it on our faces to talk to people. And all those bacteria transfer to US. To keep these pesky little things from infecting us, disinfecting our phone is one of the best ways we can keep it free of these bugs.



Hands are constantly touching things-- handrails, buttons on elevators, light switches, gas pumps... tons of stuff. And that's everyone's hands. And then you touch those things and BAM! You pick up all the little germs, too. Consistently cleaning your keyboard at work or at home once a week or so can help you prevent tons of bacteria from spreading!



As weird as it sounds, our doors (specifically their knobs) are d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g. With every one running in from somewhere and touching the same knobs, it's a wonder whole families aren't in a consistent state of sickness. Cleaning door knobs, handrails, and even doors themselves can help keep your family safe!


The best way to defend yourself and your stuff from getting attacked by gross bugs is to deter them with good bugs. Harsh cleaners like bleach can kill the bad bugs, but they also kill off the good ones, leaving you more susceptible to get "attacked" by the bad bugs again.  These good bugs, or probiotics, are available to fight off the bad bugs while supporting the bugs that can keep you healthy... and fight off future bugs.


For more information on the benefits of liquid probiotics, check out our website!