Cleanly cleaning: Probiotic Cleaners

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Probiotic Cleaners

Something sticky on the floor. Some type of dirt tracked through the entry way. A weird smell coming from the bathroom. It's summertime and the kids are home-- for a while. And they're bringing their friends-- dirt, mud, and germs. Yikes! It's time to clean, kiddos! But what if we told you that the products you're using to clean your house are doing more harm than good?

Grime and Goo — Good for You

When there's dirt, our first instinct is to grab the mop and bucket, add a little disinfectant cleaner, and scrub away! But did you know that some of the dirt, that grime, that "stickiness" is actually good for your family? And by scrubbing it all away, you're depriving your family from beneficial bacteria? Wait, WHAT? Good bacteria?

Yes, that's correct! Most of the domestic cleaners used in houses do a great job of cleaning up the bad bacteria, but unfortunately, they aren't designed to keep the good bacteria accounted for, the good bacteria that can keep your kids and yourself healthy. They can also cause bad odors and can be toxic to children-- yikes! But have no fear- probiotic cleaners are here!

Probiotic Cleaners

The fun, good bacteria you place in your tum are now available to clean your house! The best thing about these cleaners is that they are all-natural, chemical-free cleaners, so the bad odors, bad residues, and bad bacteria are all gone, leaving only fresh scents and good bacteria for everyone!

The even better news is that there are not only probiotic cleaners for houses--there are also cleaners for animals, as well! These probiotic-fueled cleaners are just the thing needed to clean out your dog's cage or your chicken coup! It eliminates bad smells while keeping Fido away from the chemicals.

If you're still not convinced on the use of probiotic cleaners, take a look at some options here to read more about their amazing benefits!