Fermented Coffee Offers New Flavors for Old Favorites

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So, you’ve tried every item on the local coffee shop’s menu. You’ve ordered gourmet coffees online, and haunted specialty coffee roasters for years. What could you possibly find that’s new about coffee?

How About Fermented Coffee?

(There are two types of fermented coffee, a brew that is made from fermented beans and a one that is made by fermenting coffee that is already brewed. We are talking about the first one here.)

One of SCD Probiotic’s long-term customers is Ricardo Castilla, owner of Montes de Tatamá Coffee located in Columbia. Ricardo has been using SCD Probiotic’s ProBio Balance for years on his coffee plants, but has recently started using it to ferment his coffee beans as well.

“We have a challenge because of different variables,” says Ricardo, “but the key for a good coffee is stabilizing the cup. So, with our fermentation we are getting it. And using SCD Probiotics, we think it can help and make a difference.”

Each batch of beans is placed in bags that are compressed and sealed to keep air out and left at low temperatures for two days before being ground up. The pulp is placed in pails, SCD ProBio Balance is added, and it is fermented, again without oxygen, for two days before being dried in the sun in parabolic dryers.

What Fermentation Does for Your Cuppa Joe

First of all, it is easier to digest. Fermentation breaks food items down and makes them simpler for your body to process. It also lowers irritating chemical compounds, making for less indigestion. In fact, fermenting makes coffee safe to drink for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) who normally can’t stomach it.

Next, fermented beans are free from fungi and microorganisms that can ruin the flavor or even make you sick. The probiotic microbes take care of all that for you and help it to last longer in storage as well. They even remove a lot of the tannins that can make a coffee drinker’s teeth look brownish.

But for most people, the taste is what it’s all about. Any form of bean fermentation is going to reduce acidic flavors and improve taste and aroma, but the best part is that using different probiotics and different methods can impart radically different flavor characteristics to the final product. The possibilities are endless!

Probiotic Partners and Innovators

We’d like to congratulate Ricardo on his innovative use of SCD Probiotics ProBioBalance. We encourage you to check out his Instagram account at @montes.tatama. Montes de Tatama probiotically fermented coffee beans can be purchased at many gourmet coffee websites.

With partners around the world, we offer a variety of ways you can start your own probiotic business.  If you are interested in partnership opportunities, please visit https://www.scdprobiotics.com/pages/partner-with-us.  How will you use probiotics for good?

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