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scd worldHere's some food for thought. Probiotic benefits aren't confined to the human health sector. At their core, probiotics are simply beneficial microorganisms; there's no defined  limits to their applications.  Because we  have known about the great benefits of probiotics beyond the human-health segment for quite some time, we'd like to put the spotlight on their implications in the agriculture industry - something that directly affects us all.

Probiotics & Agriculture: The Benefits

To really drive home the versatile -- and awesome -- applications of probiotics, we've pulled some great headlines that say everything we'd want you to know.

The Effects of CPT on Soil and Plant Characteristics MC (35) “The effect of CPT (Consortia Probiotics Technology) on test seeds was studied in a germination experiment of four days. CPT vitalized the germination, because the average shoot length was increased by 25%.”

How Probiotics Can Help Reduce The Use Of Antibiotics On Farms “The probiotics are a form of prevention, hopefully limiting the need for drug delivery both preemptively and after an animal gets sick.”

Researchers Fight Foodborne Illness With Bacteria “Yet Kniel and other UD researchers are hopeful they may have found a new weapon to fight some of the most harmful pathogens plaguing the nation’s food supply in the form another bacteria that’s completely benign to humans. ‘It’s what you might call a probiotic for plants,’ said Harsh Bais, an associate professor of plant and soil science at UD’s Delaware Biotechnology Institute."

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