The Probiotic: To Microbiome and Beyond!

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We've all seen her on TV. The blonde running a marathon with two of her friends, somehow working through her lack of breath to discuss the importance of taking a probiotic for digestive health. The other two friends always look so surprised by her news. Who gets surprised by a probiotic?


You're about to!

There are so many different uses for probiotics; our body functions on good bacteria, so supplying our body and surroundings with adequate doses can seriously increase our health, mood, and more! So what else can these magic little bacteria do for us?

1. Clean your house!

Probiotics are the safest bet for keeping your house clean and fresh; harsh chemicals in bleach and other cleaners can disrupt the natural flow of things in your home, and can also cause some serious problems if it comes in contact with your kids or pets. And let's not forget the horrid smell of a freshly bleached bathroom-- yuck! Probiotics use good germs to eliminate the bad, leaving your house germ and smell free.

2. Skincare!

As stated in our previous post about acne, probiotics are a great solution for a not-so-great complexion; bad bacteria (or an imbalance of the good) on our faces can cause blemishes, so the best solution would be to wash, cleanse, and moisturize our faces and bodies with probiotics in order to restore balance to our skin!

3. Plant care!

That's right- probiotics are also good for growing plants! But before you go and dump your SCD Probiotic Essentials on your tulips, you might want to finish this paragraph since there are certain kinds of probiotics for plants. "Manure tea", or "poop soup" as it is known more popularly, is a special type of natural plant enhancer that can fuel flora growth! Being all natural, there is nothing stopping you from pouring this magic all over your tulips and your tomatoes.

4. Animal care!

Just like us, our furry and feathery friends need a healthy gut to support their immune and digestive systems. If Fido or Fifi are having a little trouble with their bowels, it's totally safe to give them a probiotic in their food (capsules work best) to help restore balance to their bellies. There are some companies that even have liquid probiotics specifically designed for animals! If you feel that your pet could use some balance in their tums, give it a try!


Good and bad bacteria are all around us! We need help, such as probiotics, to keep everything balanced and healthy. So before you reach for those harsh chemicals in the cleaning aisle, check out the probiotics section and see just how beneficial these little germs are!