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Clean healthy liquid probiotic supplement
16 fl. oz.3 pack3 fl. oz.

SCD Essential Probiotics - Liquid Probiotic Supplement

$6.58 – $88.28

A drinkable ecosystem of live liquid probiotics + their naturally fermented postbiotics keep their promises and do what they claim to do because they're alive, active, and never freeze-dried.

  • Drinkable, so it's easier to take than pills and more bioavailable (which equals more effective)*
  • Non-GMO and Vegan
  • Free From Gut Irritants and Anything Artificial
  • Safe to Use with Any Dietary Restrictions, Including Paleo, Keto, and Low FODMAP
  • Made in Kansas City, USA in a FDA Registered Facility
  • Safe (and Beneficial!) for Long-Term Use



SCD Herbal Probiotics - Liquid Probiotic Supplement with Postbiotics - SCD Probiotics

Take 1 Tbsp daily for best result. Drink straight from the bottle or add to water or juice. For more intensive use, increase to three Tbsp daily.
scd probiotics xtra immunity

Xtra Immunity - Liquid Probiotics Supplement - SCD Probiotics

Xtra Immunity is the product of microbial bio-fermentation—making it a rich source of essential enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and other bio-active substances to support healthy immune function†
scd probiotics teem defense

TEEM Defense Probiotic Drops with Elderberry for Kids and Adults, 30-Day Supply — 4 fl.oz.

Teem Defense is a liquid probiotic supplement with elderberry for everyday MVPs in your family. Our whole biotic tonic is teeming with fortifying prebiotics, living probiotics & postbiotic antioxidants* already at work when the bottle arrives at your door.
SCD Digestive Health for Dogs

SCD Probiotics Digestive Health for Dogs - Dog Probiotic - 4.4 fl.oz

Just like us, dogs have a gut microbiome. Unlike us, dogs’ digestive systems are shorter and generally more acidic. SCD Probiotics Digestive Health for Dogs is a specially formulated probiotic for your dog.
SCD Breath Spray for dogs

SCD Probiotics Breath Spray for Dogs - Dog Probiotic - 4.4 fl.oz

Powered by 11 species of live beneficial microorganisms.
1 Liter1 Gallon5 Gallon

SCD Bio Livestock - Livestock Probiotic Supplement - SCD Probiotics

$19.75 – $219.95
SCD Bio Livestock is a science-backed, multi-strain livestock probiotic additive that’s safe for routine use.
scd probiotics bio ag
1 Liter1 Gallon5 Gallon

SCD Bio Ag - Microbial Inoculant and Soil Amendment | SCD Probiotics

$19.75 – $219.95

Not sure which amendment is best for you? Compare our soil inoculants.

All Seasons Bokashi - Compost Starter, Accelerator & Odor Neutralizer
1 Gallon2.2 Gallon3 Gallon

All Seasons Bokashi - Compost Starter, Accelerator & Odor Neutralizer

$15.35 – $39.95
More composting, less time. All Seasons Bokashi is a composter starter, accelerator and odor controller made for use with all indoor and outdoor compost bins.