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Pay It Forward with Probiotics to Heal the Planet + You

Our beautiful friendship with the helpful microbes we call probiotics goes back all the way to the beginning of humanity. We evolved to live together with these microbes. As we ate, we fed them and helped them grow. In return, they broke down nutrients from our food, helped manage our immune systems and kept out intruders, and so much more. It was their job to keep us in balance. As we learned more and built more medical knowledge, we built more and better tools to help keep us healthy as well.


But in the past century, some of those tools have been used too much and gone too far. Tools like antibiotics kill not just germs, but our friendly microbes too. When we use synthetic chemicals in our homes, we’re creating too sterile environments, with far fewer of our friendly microbes. Our soils have been stripped of life, health, and nutrients, making our food less nutritious. Too much of our food is overprocessed, stripped of nutrition for ourselves and our microbes.

Our health, and our planet’s health, has been pushed out of balance. Our microbes have been under attack. They suffer as we suffer. We suffer as they suffer.

It’s remarkably easy for us as humans to think of ourselves as separate from nature. For us to think of nature as something that’s here for us, for our use and our taking, or as something to take care of, well-meaning as that is.

But as we’ve studied biology and microbiomes over the past two decades, what we see is that we are undeniably, unmistakably nature ourselves. We are ourselves an ecosystem, almost as many bacteria cells as we are human cells. And there can be no denial of the fact that we are part of the larger planetary ecosystem. This means that our health is directly tied to the health of that ecosystem.

Something we also know about ecosystems is this: ecosystems that are full of the most diversity of life are the healthiest and most resilient.

These diverse lifeforms are worth preserving simply by nature of their being. And, the more we do to encourage diversity of life on Earth, the healthier our ecosystems are. The healthier we are.

This means that each action we take to improve planetary health has a direct impact on our own health. When you reduce your waste through composting, build up healthier, living soil, grow delicious, healthier food, and reduce your synthetic chemical use you’re not only improving environmental health. You’re improving your own health, and your microbes’ health too.

We are interconnected. And all the better for it.

Learn more about how we’re reducing petrochemical
(aka synthetic chemical) use with our probiotics

Better Living Through Natural Biochemistry

We believe that the more we treat biology like isolated chemistry, the further we get away from healing. We research, patent, and manufacture products using a bioactive community of live probiotics + fermented postbiotics to restore health to life on Earth.

Traditionally Fermented, Scientifically Designed with Nature, Backed by Science

As pioneers in microbiome science, we’ve been studying and manufacturing our probiotics for 22+ years. And unlike other probiotic companies, we’re not purchasing and repackaging isolated, frozen and dried probiotic strains—that are designed knowing many won’t survive digestion to make it your gut.

We combine traditional fermentation methods, precision-tuned by science, to design probiotic products that are as close to nature as possible, most bioavailable, and carefully controlled for real health results—whether we’re talking about soil health, plant health, animal health, or human health.

Our Bioactive Community

We grow our microbes together. When we bottle them, they’re alive and active. Instead of competing with each other, they form a strong, supportive ecosystem where they rely on each other for survival.

This makes them an ultra-effective team that works together to survive harsh environments, actually get to where you need it to go, and stay alive so it can work.

Postbiotics for More Health Benefits

As the 11 probiotic strains in SCD Essential Probiotics grow together, some of them grow first and make postbiotics first. Other probiotics in the ecosystem eat those postbiotics. They become a symbiotic community: a beautiful example of depending on each other to thrive together.

These postbiotics are key to our probiotics’ high survivability and stability. These postbiotics are also highly beneficial to your health: they include bioactives that include antioxidants, organic acids, short-chain fatty acids, and bioavailable forms of nutrients.

Most other probiotics are isolated from the postbiotics they make, then bottled. Even most postbiotic supplements use isolated postbiotics that are then packaged together with other lab-grown ingredients at bottling.

In every SCD Probiotics bottle, you’re getting a living ecosystem of both probiotics and postbiotics, that are readily available to start influencing health.

It’s nature + science at its finest.

Why It Matters for You

Probiotics are living microorganisms who provide health benefits to us. We need these microbes in our lives to thrive, but they’re on the decline in our environment and our own bodies. And other probiotics aren’t delivered alive and active, so they’re not as effective. So we use science to refine and concentrate our probiotics, while empowering them to do what they do best. Which is eat, grow, create, and help us thrive.

With our science and with our products, we make it easier to add these probiotic communities to your life, farm, or business, and easier to lead a healthier, more connected, and more sustainable life on Earth.

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For Everyone

Everyone and every life form deserves good health. We manufacture clean probiotics for all ages, dietary needs, with zero animal testing.

Alive & Never Freeze-Dried

Probiotics must be alive and active to work—and to make postbiotics. Unlike other companies, we’re not purchasing and repackaging isolated, frozen, and inactive probiotics and nutrients. Ourprobiotics are naturally fermented together, then bottled alive, active, and with their helpful postbiotics.

Made in Kansas City, USA

97% of our products are fermented, manufactured, packaged, and quality tested here in our partially solar-powered US facilities.

All the Benefits of Fermented Food, Plus Scientific Precision

Each of the strains in our patented probiotic communities are rigorously, scientifically-selected, metagenomically studied, and stress-tested as multi-strain teams.

No Refrigeration Needed

Our products are shelf-stable for up to 2 years, with no refrigeration needed. This is a sign of our probiotics’ high quality and viability as live, active probiotics from our bottling line to their destination. Plus, it makes them super easy to use, store, ship, and travel with.

Natural Innovation

Microbes link us together and empower health planet-wide. Our breakthrough, patented probiotic technology is more than simply non-toxic: it’s restoring healtheverywhere it goes.

Better health and better lives
through community.

We believe in building better lives and better health by being better community members. In prioritizing our connections with people across the world and with nature. In rebuilding our health by taking better care of our planetary health.

SCD Probiotics was founded in 1998 as Sustainable Community Development, with a mission to create products that replace the toxic chemicals in our lives—using the power of probiotics to restore health and balance to our soil, our food, our bodies, our homes, and our planet. Inspired by the probiotic communities who work together to encourage life and health at their most foundational levels, we use 22+ years of microbiome research and scientific precision to design health-building products that work incredibly well by mirroring nature as closely as possible.