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Powering Universally Healthier Microbiomes

For 20+ years, we’ve researched the human microbiome and the ways beneficial microbes connect our health as humans with animal, plant, and environmental health. A healthier microbiome goes beyond gut health—we are constantly encountering microbes as we move through our homes, interact with our environments, animals, and plants, and produce and consume food.

Which is why we’ve created probiotic technology, powered by a community of beneficial microbes and the bioactive substances they create, that can be applied across every area that affects our health.

The result helps us create products that not only target our health through our guts, but also help us preserve more balanced microbiomes in our homes, pets, and food production and act as safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly alternatives to common chemicals.

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A Dynamic Probiotic Platform

SCD Probiotics grows a living community—called a consortia—of beneficial microorganisms who naturally bio-ferment organic and amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, and other bioactive substances.

These substances are part of what makes these microbes so essential to our health, but they can also be applied as a microbiological replacement for chemistry, for uses as diverse as home cleaning, agriculture, and leather making.

Our carefully selected, proprietary technology not only powers products we craft ourselves, we also license it for others to use and distribute across the globe.


Why SCD Probiotics

These days, there are a lot of probiotic companies to choose from. Here’s what makes us stand apart:

No Refrigeration Needed

Natural & Organic Ingredients

Patented Microbial Consortia

Probiotic Holdings, holding company of SCD Probiotics, is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Non-GMO Microorganisms

20+ Year History

Sustainable Manufacturing to Packaging