Our Technology Platform

A Biological Revolution

When Louis Pasteur uncovered the microscopic world of bacteria and their role in disease, he had yet to uncover the far-reaching microbial ecosystems, called microbiomes, that support and influence life from plant to animal to human. What we have since discovered is that not only are these microorganisms everywhere—their numbers reaching the trillions everywhere they live—but also that the vast majority are either neutral or beneficial.

In fact, they co-evolved with larger life forms like ourselves symbiotically and they are absolutely essential to human life and health.

A Microbiome Everywhere

This means that microorganisms are our constant companions. There are microbiomes on our skin, our mouths, and most famously, in our guts, but beyond us as well—everywhere there is life, there is a microbiome (even on your kitchen counter).

What are these microbes doing? The answer is nearly everything, but there are two major ways they impact our health and our lives.

Diversity and Balance are Key

Just like a rainforest, healthy microbiomes are teeming with diversity—after all, each species and strain has unique functions and abilities. And when a microbiome’s populations contain more neutral and beneficial microbes, it is in balance. Through both diversity and balance, the beneficial microorganisms can keep the populations of pathogens at bay, disease in check, and the overall system healthy.

The Power of Probiotics

Factors like diet, stress, and environmental inputs can throw this system off balance and allow the harmful microbes to take over.

This gives beneficial microbes, or probiotics, the remarkable potential to balance and influence systems. We are constantly interacting with microbes out in the world as we move throughout our daily lives. These interactions, in turn, influence our own bodies’ microbiomes. When we balance external microbiomes—the ones in our homes, in our food, in our environment, in our animals—we can help make our own microbiomes more diverse and balanced as well.

Microbial Biochemicals

Part of why microbes are so essential is the vast range of bioactive substances they create: enzymes, biosurfactants, organic acids, short-chain fatty acids, and more. These substances do everything from break down food and digest nutrients to create environments where pathogens can’t thrive. When we ferment our microbes, the biochemicals derived from that process have characteristics that enable us to apply them widely as non-toxic, yet cost-effective replacements for petroleum-based chemicals from household cleaning to leather processing.


Our Biological Technology Platform

Over 20+ years of dedicated research and development, SCD Probiotics has pioneered an agile biological technology platform based on the power of probiotics.

We craft our products through a proprietary method of fermentation, during which we combine multiple microbial strains. Grown together, these microbes form a small ecosystem, also known as a consortia. This approach is unique: most other probiotic companies grow individual microbial strains separately, only combining them during packaging.

By growing ours together, the microorganisms become stronger, more resilient, and more symbiotic—and they also create a flexible platform for creating new, bio-based products that are:

Safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable


Highly sustainable with minimal environmental impact

Highly tunable for new applications

Cost-effective against competitive products

Shelf-stable with a wide temperature and pH range for better storage and transport

Probiotic Applications

Because of microbes’ far-reaching influence and the versatility of our technology platform, we can create products that can be applied to microbiomes of all kinds. Explore our probiotic—powered products.