Probiotic Mother Cultures™

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probio balance original
1 Liter1 Gallon5 Gallon

ProBio Balance Original - Probiotic Mother Culture - SCD Probiotics

$28.82 – $315.25

Not sure which amendment is best for you? Compare our soil inoculants.

probio balance plus
1 Liter1 Gallon5 Gallon

pH Paper - Activate Probiotic Mother Cultures - SCD Probiotics

Use to check the pH of SCD Probiotics Mother Cultures in order to access maturity and quality.

If you’ve ever bought Apple Cider Vinegar “with the mother,” brewed kombucha with a scoby, or made sourdough bread with a starter, you’ve encountered probiotic mother cultures. Our SCD Probiotics Mother Cultures are super-charged, concentrated blends of live beneficial microorganisms and the heart of our products. These mother cultures can be diluted and used across a wide variety of applications or activated to create derivative formulas.