Activating SCD Probiotics Mother Cultures™

Welcome to the wonderful world of DIY microbial and probiotic mother cultures, also known as starter cultures. Our Activation Guide can be used to activate any one of SCD Probiotics’s Mother Cultures.

SCD Probiotics Mother Cultures are simple to activate to create 20x more product: 1 gallon of SCD Probiotics Mother Culture creates 20 gallons of probiotic product for you to use and apply. Save money, save resources, DIY.

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Step 1: How Much Will You Make?

First, decide how much volume you want to create. The most common volumes are 5 Gallons for Home & Garden Use and 275 Gallons for Farm Use.

Use a clean plastic bottle, container, or large tank with a screw-on lid. For smaller quantities, you can even use a cleaned out plastic soda bottle with a screw on lid. You can also find airlocks and other containers at any local or online home brewing supply store.

  • For 5 Gallons: Use 0.25 Gallons Mother Culture + 0.25 Gallons Molasses* + 4.5 Gallons Dechlorinated Water
  • For 275 Gallons: Use 14 Gallons Mother Culture + 14 Gallons Molasses* + 252 Gallons Dechlorinated Water
5-Gallon Size for Home & Garden
275-Gallon Tote Size for Farm Use
To activate a different amount than the examples in this guide, use a 1:1:18 ratio to calculate the materials needed (1 Part Mother Culture + 1 Part Molasses* + 18 Parts Dechlorinated Water).

Step 2: Mix Materials

Make sure the dechlorinated water temperature is between 97-104° F (36-40° C).
1 Part SCD Probiotics Mother Culture
1 Part Molasses*
18 Parts Dechlorinated Water

Step 3: Close Lid to Seal

Step 4: Let Actively Ferment

Let your mixture actively ferment in a warm environment for 3-10 days, checking it every 3 days. The length of time will vary based on how warm your environment is (for example, fermentation will take longer in early spring and late fall than it will in warmer months—the warmer it is, the faster the fermentation process will go).

Step 5: How Will I Know It’s Ready?

Your end product should smell slightly sweet and pickled (fermented).

You can also check for readiness with a pH meter. SCD Probiotics is activated and ready-to-use once its pH drops to 3.7 or below. Note: if your pH continues to drop to 3.0 or even 2.0, this is normal and indicates high microbial activity.

Step 6: Store

Store your activated SCD Probiotics Mother Culture at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. When stored in these conditions, it will be shelf stable and “ready-to-use” for 12+ months

Step 7: Dilute and Use

For general use, Dilute 1:1000 (ex. ¾ tsp to 1 gallon) with dechlorinated water.

*If you are under strict requirements to get all inputs used on your farm certified, please check with your certifier on the source of your molasses. We’re also happy to supply an organic blackstrap molasses for sale on our website, which can be used to activate any SCD Probiotics Mother Culture.