About us

SCD® Probiotics

SCD Probiotics (“SCD”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Probiotic Holdings. SCD holds the intellectual property and manufacturing assets that are used to develop and market probiotic and biochemical applications. SCD has developed a network of global manufacturers and distributors for both its base Mother Culture and its finished products. Recognizing the power of beneficial microbes to transform the microbial ecology in any number of environments, SCD’s technical team improved product formulations and provided additional value and benefits applicable to a variety of industries around the world.

Mission & Values

SCD Probiotics’ mission is to be the premier developer and global provider of probiotic technology, strategically partnering with others to offer products and services that improve human health and the environment.


SCD Probiotics team members know that probiotic technology is a tool to improve life by offering safe, natural and cost-effective solutions to environmental and health challenges. Every SCD Probiotics team member takes pride in expanding this powerful technology worldwide.


Corporate Values

  • Integrity, openness and respect – doing what is right, telling the truth, valuing opinions and perspectives of others, taking personal accountability
  • Quality – producing high quality products, providing excellent customer service, being the partner of choice by building trusting relationships
  • Knowledge – adding value to our clients by sharing knowledge regarding our products and services, being the experts in SCD Probiotics Technology
  • Bringing Value to all Stakeholders – a personal commitment to deliver value for our clients, shareholders, suppliers and partners; being a great place to work for our associates; providing room for personal growth of associates; supporting our communities
  • Social Conscience – being a model for a green company; providing realistic, non-harmful solutions to improve the environment

Proviera® – Probiotics for Leather™

Proviera supplies sustainable biochemicals to the leather tannery industry. The technology used by Proviera was jointly developed by SCD and a member of its licensee network, Proklean Technologies. After completing several successful trials with leading global tanneries, SCD raised capital and launched Proviera as a spinoff company. Proviera then conducted a limited auction process to identify and select a global partner to further commercialize its leather tannery product portfolio. This process resulted in the January 2016 signing of a strategic partnership with Stahl Holdings, the market leader in the global leather chemicals market.


As the Agriculture Business Unit of SCD Probiotics, Biojuvant creates innovative, microbial-based products that empower farmers, ranchers, and growers to manage their farms both for profit and sustainability. Their technologies enhance soil, animal, and plant health, improve quality, yields, and feed conversions, and reduce reliance on costly chemicals and antibiotics.