Proviera®’s patent-pending leather biochemicals are comprised of metabolites derived from a proprietary fermentation and formulation technology using probiotic cultures and natural raw ingredients.
From soaking to degreasing, they can be used as a unique alternative to traditional chemicals. 100% natural and nontoxic, they help tanneries reduce operating costs, reduce waste, and create a safer, more sustainable leather production process.


Proviera® ProSoak™ is an all-natural, environmentally friendly hide soak that improves leather quality and ensures higher leather yields. It is best used in main soaking, especially with fresh hides, and washing wet-blue/wetting back

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Proviera® ProSpread™ is an all-natural, surfactant-free wetting and dispersing agent that disperses fat far better than traditional chemicals. It can also be used in pre-soaking, liming, retanning, fatliquoring, and dyeing.

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Proviera® ProDegreaze™ is an all-natural, environmentally friendly degreaser that can strip high fat hides and skins effortlessly, as well as degrease sheepskins.

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