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Date: For Immediate Release
Contact: Mindy McDermott, Barbara Wiseman
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Beneficial Microorganisms
Rescue Chilean Earthquake Victims

In the wake of the devastating 8.8 earthquake in Chile on February 27th, sanitation issues, the spread of disease, and the rotting smell of pungent decay are problems of massive proportion causing local officials to predict that the relief efforts will continue for many months. SCD Probiotics (SCD), a Missouri-based company, and The Earth Organization US (TEO), an environmental non-profit, have partnered to bring aid to the people of Chile. Donations are currently being raised to cover the costs of producing and shipping a unique liquid solution of beneficial microorganisms into Valparaiso where it will be used and distributed, primarily through the Chilean military.

After the earthquake hit, Oikos, SCD’s distributor in Chile, immediately donated SCD probiotic supplies to the military who began spraying it in schools, eating areas, and cemeteries to help control the spread of disease and noxious odors. “The military was so impressed with it’s effectiveness that they asked us to give them as much as we possibly could for use in waste stream treatment, fly and mosquito abatement, and toxic water and soil cleanup,” said Lorena Sepulveda Executive Director of Oikos. “But we have no further supplies to donate. The world moves on, but the situation for the Chilean people continues to be dire.”

“SCD is determined to get as much of these probiotics into the hands of the Chilean people as possible, but we need help,” said Matthew Wood, SCD’s Founder and Chairman. “We are asking people who want to contribute to make donations to TEO by April 30th so that, through their disaster relief efforts, we can ship out as large a quantity as possible in early May.”

“We saw how phenomenally effective and unique this particular probiotics technology is when we approached SCD after Hurricane Katrina and asked them to donate thousands of gallons of it for our use in cleaning up New Orleans,” said Barbara Wiseman, International President of TEO. “We sprayed it in and around homes, churches, schools and a hospital. The results were remarkable and caught the attention of local disaster relief groups who started using it, as well.”

Acclaimed by Thailand’s military as having stopped the spread of disease-carrying pathogens in the wake of the Southeast Asian tsunami in 2004, there have been no reports of negative side effects, contrary to many of the toxic chemicals normally applied in similar situations in an effort to solve problems related to waste treatment, pest abatement and polluted water and soil.

Tax-deductible contributions to The Earth Organization, towards these efforts will go towards the costs of producing, shipping and distributing the necessary probiotic products on a rush basis with the added help of SCD’s Miami-based partner, Ecological Resources. SCD Probiotics will match all monetary donations with additional SCD products to further the impact on the Chilean communities.

Contributions should be sent to:
The Earth Organization
4312 Talofa Avenue
Toluca Lake, California 91602

phone in the US: 818: 769-3410

Please reference Chilean Campaign with your contribution.

Note: Photos available on request. Interviews with Chilean contacts (in Spanish) may also be arranged.