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Date: For Immediate Release
Contact: Libby Hastert,
(816) 518-0425

SCD Probiotics® to Participate at Ingenuity Central as Exhibitor & Award Winner

SCD Probiotics®, an international life-sciences company headquartered in Kansas City, is excited to announce its participation in Ingenuity Central on Thursday, April 9, 2015, on the K-State Olathe campus. Here, SCD Probiotics will be honored as one of twenty-two Ingenuity Award winners in the region. The conference serves as a celebration of inventiveness and business development, allowing like-minded professionals and industry leaders to interact with featured exhibitors and other conference attendees.

During the event, award winners will be acknowledged; special guests will also lead discussions about the role Kansas City plays in the technology movement.

SCD Probiotics will participate as an award winner and booth exhibitor. At their booth, event attendees can enjoy the opportunity to sample Yuyobi™ and Yuyobi™ Ginger, two of the company’s newest product releases, along with SCD Essential Probiotics®.

Yuyobi™ and Yuyobi™ Ginger are food and beverage additives comprised of six live probiotic strains. Both formulas combine unmatched probiotic science with artisan manufacturing. Designed to offer food and beverage manufacturers a powerful probiotic additive, SCD Probiotics uses Consortia technology -- technology that allows multiple probiotic strains to grow together, as they exist in nature -- to deliver the best products available.

Additionally, SCD Probiotics will provide a sampling of SCD Essential Probiotics®, a human-health supplement comprised of 11 live strains. Upon visiting the exhibit, attendees can sample the formula by adding it to a smoothie or juice.

About SCD Probiotics
SCD Probiotics is a decade-old biotechnology company that uses proprietary, probiotic-based methods to provide safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives for a wide spectrum of industrial and consumer products.

About K-State Olathe
In addition to serving as a remote K-State campus, K-State Olathe acts as a leader in academic innovation. Since laying down roots, K-State Olathe has positioned itself as an invaluable community resource that connects college students and faculty with surrounding K-12 schools.