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SCD Probiotics founder, Matthew Wood, speaks about the principals of effective microorganisms applied science in Warsaw, Poland.

Kansas City, Missouri, USA (July 2009) - Around the world, disasters such as Hurricane Katrina in the USA and the Tsunami in southeast Asia remind us of the destructive power of nature. Locally, flooding of rivers and streams can likewise cause thousands of dollars of damage to property and livestock or loss of human life. Problems with mold, sanitation, drinkable water, disease, or foul order caused from decay provide challenges to our communities. Chemical solutions have historically been the method to solve these problems - costly solutions that cause further harm to our environment.

SCD Probiotics (USA) founder, Matthew Wood was in Warsaw last month to offer an alternative method in fighting the devastating consequences of natural disasters.Mattew Wood SCD Probiotics (USA) founder,Wood spoke June 25-26, in Warsaw, Poland, at a regional conference organized by a new SCD Probiotics partner, EM - World Polska. "Our goal is to harness the power of nature to restore personal health and our environment," says Wood. "The choices we make - in solving the problems we face - have an impact on our lives and those of future generations." Over 100 participants, including Artur £awniczak, Vice-Minister of Agriculture, learned the theory of effective microorganisms as an environmentally friendly option for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.

SCD Probiotics, a technology company, specializes in natural microbial-based products and services for human health, agriculture and livestock industries, industrial waste and water treatment. Based on technology platform developed in Japan over thirty years ago, SCD’s research and development team has spent the last ten years refining the process, using a selected number of microbial strains in consortia to produce a variety of proprietary, probiotic products.

Beneficial microorganisms provide natural solutions to widespread environmental issues. Beneficial microorganisms can generally be defined as bacteria and fungi that create a clean environment helping to support healthy people, plant and animal life. These beneficial microorganisms work in the following way. Beneficial microbes produce substances, which are nutritive to plant and animal cells. The beneficial substances are excreted by the microorganisms. Examples of these beneficial compounds are amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. These are the building blocks of healthy cells in plants and animals. A primary advantage of these good microbes is that they can compete with and eliminate pathogenic (disease-causing) microorganisms from a system. They achieve this by occupying the niche that a pathogen would occupy or by producing substances that kill or damage pathogen cells. In addition, beneficial microorganisms produce many antioxidants and enzymes which neutralize or break down toxic substances. This results in lower populations of pathogens, lower concentrations of toxic compounds produced by pathogens and therefore lower incidence of disease and foul odors.

SCD Probiotics, founded in 1998, has developed a proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms produced through a natural process, not chemically synthesized or genetically engineered.

SCD Probiotics technology is now being successfully applied in various fields including disaster relief, agriculture, livestock, waste treatment, bioremediation, human health, recycling, and more. Because of its effectiveness and economic viability, SCD Probiotics technology has spread worldwide. Products were initially developed and effectively used as inoculate for soil conditioning in grain, vegetable and fruit production with very beneficial results. As the research and applications of SCD Probiotics developed, it was found to be an effective tool for manipulating and managing the overall microbial ecology of complex and diverse systems. This research continues to the present, with conclusive results showing SCD Probiotics to be effective as an all-natural, waste treatment and biological control agent for sanitation after disasters occur. One of the most valuable contributions of SCD Probiotics is its deodorizing effect. SCD Probiotics eliminates odors by dominating the microbial ecology with organisms that exploit a fermentative pathway and therefore do not produce odorous gases.

SCD Probiotic products produced positive results in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina pounded the gulf coast of the United States in August, 2005. The toxic floodwaters soaked the grounds and buildings in New Orleans, leaving behind noxious residues from a wide variety of sources including oil spills, chemical and sewage plants, 130,000 automobiles which had been under water for three weeks, and untold household chemicals and cleaning supplies. When the water receded, the toxins left behind had soaked in the ground, and walls of buildings - impacting the long-term health of the local population as well as plant, fish and animal life. Added problems were created by the ideal conditions for the growth of mold. SCD Probiotics donated over 50,000 gallons of product to to help with mold remediation and participated in testing conducted by The Mold Man, LLC, Mandeville, Louisiana, USA. Side -by-side studies were conducted comparing the effectiveness of SCD Probiotic products against several standard-of-the-trade antimicrobial agents.

The studies involved both field tests with pre-and post-test analysis as well as more controlled laboratory experiments with isolated mold species. The first tests involved treating residences in New Orleans that were invested with mold following the hurricane, many of which were overrun with mold from floor to ceiling. The lab tests were conducted on mold samples in petri dishes partially filled with an agar growth formula to expedite the mold growth for rapid observation.

The results were conclusive. The total effectiveness of SCD Probiotic products compared to chemical -based alternatives were parallel. The beneficial microbial-based technology used by SCD Probiotics proved to be an environmentally sustainable, effective solution for mold remediation. Of particular interest was a study conducted where the SCD Probiotics effectively killed the mold present in the petri dishes. When new growth formulas were introduced, dormant mold spores began to grow, then were killed by the remaining effective microbes still present.

All natural, beneficial microorganisms aided rehabilitation of Tsunami struck areas. Dr. Margarita Correa, (Director, Technical Support, South Asia), saw firsthand the devastation of the Tsunami in southeast Asia in 2004. She was living in Nagapzthinam Village, India when the earthquake and the ensuing tsunami struck several countries around the Indian Ocean. More than 150,000 people were declared dead or missing. As rescue and rehabilitation operation began, there were several critical problems that needed to be addressed. Among these were foul odor remediation and infectious disease control due to rotting corpses, as well as the lack of safe drinking water and salinity in the soil of many inland areas. SCD Probiotic products were applied generously to help in many ways with positive results, including: disinfecting and washing clothes, taking away skin parasites, keeping mosquitos away, and keeping stomach and digestion free from infection.

International company signs licensing agreement with SCD Probiotics.International company signs licensing agreement with SCD Probiotics.
Effective June 2009, EM-World Polska became the only licensed distributor of SCD Probiotics products in Poland. Stanislaw Kolbusch, EM-World Polska and Dr. Correa, SCD (pictured below), met recently to discuss field applications currently underway in Poland. In addition to Dr. Correa, several members of the SCD Probiotics team were in Warsaw to discuss the positive results of a field trial to remediate foul odor at the Dairy Waste Water Treatment Facility in Garwolin - Poland. Other recent SCD Probiotics applications have been successfully applied at an organic hops farm in Natalina and at the EMWP Regional Centre in Jastkow (Lublin).

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