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Easily Build Healthy Environments + Lower Ammonia Levels

scent guard
  • Neutralize odors and improve air and water quality—safely and sustainably, immediately and long-term
  • Drastically decrease odors in as little as 30 minutes-24 hours
  • Contains specific microorganisms that are highly effective at completely digesting and removing certain types of gases–including the nitrogen (NH3) and ammonia gases found on hog farms

Improve Animal Welfare & Environmental Sustainability

  • Build a healthier, cleaner lactation and nursery environment by populating pens with healthy bacteria that help keep nitrogen and ammonia levels low
  • Biobased and biodegradable and OMRI Listed for Use in Organic Farming

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Optimize FCR and Reduce Mortality for Better ROI

scd livestock
  • Shown to improve FCR and weight without steroids or antibiotics
  • Shown to help swine reach market weight faster–helping increase profits for producers
  • Delivers live probiotic species--including Bacillus, Lactobacillus, and Bifidobacterium--clinically studied¹ for their ability to improve daily average gain and reduce FCR
  • Demonstrated to reduce mortality rates
  • Shown to help reduce scours
  • Shown to help improve meat quality

Reduce or Replace Antibiotic Use

  • Shown to be equally as effective or better than traditional growth promoters
  • Improved sow, piglet, and swine health at all stages creates healthier animals with less disease–and less need for risky antibiotics that cause animal stress and can lead to carcass rejection

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What Real Producers Are Saying

Less Scours, Fewer Sickly Pigs Lowering of Mortality Rate

“We have had a grower pig operation for over 20 years. We started using SCD Bio Livestock and had an almost immediate result of better pig health, observing:

  • Less scours
  • Fewer sickly pigs
  • Lowering of mortality rate
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Less feed required per animal

As a result of this, the pigs are gaining weight more rapidly than before, reaching optimum market weight 7 days earlier than previously and hence providing higher and quicker financial returns.”

Better Feed Conversion and Higher Livability

"We have used SCD Probiotics products on our farm for more than 10 years. We have a 300-acre grass farm where we raise purebred Gelbvieh cattle, which has evolved into a naturally grown beef business. Our farm promises that our animals have never been exposed to any herbicides or pesticides. We also guarantee that our animals have never been given any hormones or antibiotics. SCD Probiotics has made this possible, keeping our farm and animals healthy, with less pests.

We are also contract growers for big companies, and we produce over 60,000 turkeys a year. Our initial experience with SCD Probiotics was for odor control at a rate of 1-500 in the bird’s water. We quickly observed other benefits such as healthier turkeys, better feed conversion, and higher livability. We were no. 1 Grade A Producer and since have always been in the top 10. As a result, we used less medicines and chemicals that means better profits for us."

Feed budget is much lower than last year

“An organic egg producer used SCD Bio Livestock® as a feed additive which is sprayed onto the feed as it is delivered to his birds. He has also used the SCD Bio Livestock® as a water additive.

He fogs his barn with SCD ScentGuard using a backpack sprayer about once every two weeks to control ammonia odors and improve air quality.

He believes that he will have a 10% increase in profit this year due to a number of factors.

  1. He has a low mortality, 283 out of 5125 have died: an approximate 5% mortality.
  2. His layers are at 90% production into the last months of the year (8 more weeks to go). They looked gorgeous. No feather loss due to stress. No ammonia burn in eyes.
  3. No ammonia odor in the barn. There is another odor that is a sweet fermented smell. Not offensive though.
  4. No corrosion of hot wire and wire mesh as experienced in past years. This means he may not have to replace 1200 feet of hot wire used to keep birds from going under the roost where the poop falls down.
  5. Manure may be sellable as compost due to low odor and high quality.
  6. Feed budget is much lower than last year. Since he can close up the barn (no ammonia), he can keep it warmer and the birds eat less. He saved 16 tons of feed over last year’s number.
  7. Egg production is up to 1 stack=180 eggs. Two years ago he was getting 15 stacks per day. Last year he got 19 stacks per day. This year he is getting 24 stacks per day.”
Slaughter Weight Between 6–7 Weeks Dropped 2 Weeks

“I have a farm with broiler chickens and have been involved in the business for over 10 years. We have 12 hen houses and slaughter 2000 birds per week. I was introduced to SCD Probiotics® Technology six months ago and started applying SCD Probiotics into the chicken’s drinking water. Within one month, I observed dramatic reductions in my chicken’s mortality rates. Prior to start of SCD Probiotics’ application, the mortality rate was 25% and now it has dropped to 3%. In addition, the incidence of disease reduced equally and to the point where I have discontinued the use of most of the antibiotics that I was previously using.

In terms of feed conversion, I have noticed equally dramatic results. My birds achieved optimum slaughter weight between 6–7 weeks that now dropped to 5.2 weeks since introduction of SCD Probiotics. Over and above all this, the odor problems normally associated with poultry have all disappeared.

There has been a noticeable and major change in the appearance of the birds. The feathers are whiter and softer and my rural customers commented repeatedly that the birds look healthier. Another frequent comment made is that, the taste of the meat is different from other local suppliers and is of a superior quality.

This is a truly miraculous technology that I have no hesitation in endorsing to a highest degree.”

Probiotics Work With Nature to Build Swine Health and Increase Producers’ ROI

SCD is a true pioneer in probiotics manufacturing: for 22+ years, we’ve been using humanity’s most cutting-edge technology to work with nature. We build products that actually restore health, thanks to biology, and are just as convenient as the chemical products on the market, but safer to use and more sustainable.

Our probiotic products have proven success with swine farmers across the globe–and are ready for you to license or private-label, with minimal overhead and effort, but maximum overhead.

Grow a loyal customer base with our premium formulas that are:

  • Bio-based, biodegradable, and bioavailable
  • Meet vegetarian feed requirements
  • Made with natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Shelf-stable
  • Approved for use in organic farming

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Case Studies

See the quantitative data and learn more about how SCD Bio Livestock and SCD ScentGuard improve swine health and farm ROI through reduced ammonia and odor levels, healthier, cleaner environments, better FCR, lower mortality rates, and reduced need for antibiotics.

scd probiotics swine case study

Our probiotic products have proven success with swine farmers across the globe–and are ready for you to license or private-label, with minimal overhead and effort, but maximum overhead.

Why SCD Probiotics for Swine Health

Effective microorganisms (aka probiotics) are a living mixture of beneficial “bugs,” called microorganisms, that typically come in liquid form. It’s a blend of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and others that can be used for a variety of ag applications.

SCD Bio Livestock™’s scientifically-selected, patented combination of live beneficial microbes and bio-fermented organic acids equip your animals with the best internal system to optimize their food’s nutritional content and defend against stress and disease. OMRI-Listed SCD ScentGuard’s scientifically-selected probiotic strains completely digest and remove odors, creating postbiotic enzymes to help neutralize even stubborn smells quickly and with long-lasting results.

Unlike most companies, we use patented fermentation technology to grow carefully screened compatible species of beneficial microbes together, scientifically selecting for and enhancing their active functions. Using this patented method, our microbes form a unique synergistic community that is more effective together, as a system, than singularly-grown microorganisms.

SCD Bio Livestock and SCD ScentGuard, like all SCD Probiotics products, are produced through a natural fermentation process—it is not chemically synthesized, genetically engineered or modified.

SCD ScentGuard and SCD Bio Livestock are also certified OMRI Listed® (Organic Materials Review Institute) as safe for use in organic production--helping your producers meet both organic certification requirements and their needs to produce healthy, high-quality pork and pork products. All SCD products are manufactured in Kansas City, USA under strict quality control standards.

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  • Swine (Pregnant Sows, Newborn Piglets, Weaning Piglets)
  • Ruminants
  • Poultry
  • Aquaculture + Living Environments
  • Manure
  • Lagoon Treatment

Sustainable Community Development

SCD Probiotics was founded in 1998 as Sustainable Community Development to create products that don’t just replace the toxic chemicals in our lives but help undo their widespread damage as well—going beyond simply nontoxic to living, regenerative products that actively build health. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re committed to building community, sustainably, across all ecosystems--starting in our own backyard.

Powell Gardens, Kansas City's botanical garden, is a 970-acre (3.9 km2) botanical garden in Kingsville, Missouri—30 miles east of Kansas City and dating back to 1948. The mission of Powell Gardens is to be an experience that embraces the Midwest's spirit of place and inspires an appreciation for the importance of plants in our lives. Experiencing Powell Gardens, the region's botanical garden is an integral part of living in the Kansas City area.

At the center of Powell Gardens is the Marlese Lowe Gourley Island Garden which is a themed aquatic garden. The pools hold 95,440 gallons of water when in operation. During the growing season, many beautiful forms of life such as waterlilies, lotus and colorful goldfish fill the pools. Good water quality is important to the health of these life forms.We’re proud to partner with Powell Gardens and support their mission by providing SCD Probiotics products, including SCD Bio Livestock and SCD BioKlean, to help them maintain excellent water quality and aquatic life health.