We’re a global company with a local heart

Founded at the University of Missouri and headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, we strongly believe in supporting our local community, strengthening our neighborhoods, eliminating the barrier between business and community, and fostering the growth of our local sustainable non-profit initiatives.


The Giving Grove

The Giving Grove empowers people in Kansas City communities to achieve greater food security. By planting small, urban orchards that are then championed and maintained by neighborhood individuals, school, and church groups, they support new entrepreneurs who learn, grow, give time, and harvest to transform and reshape the community in which they live.

These community orchards provide a source of nutritious fruits and nuts for neighborhoods in need. They become a connection to nature and foster a community of curiosity. They foster new relationships and thrive as gathering places for celebrations and midday snacks.

We are proud to partner with The Giving Grove by providing SCD Bio Ag® for their orchards, helping them nourish depleted urban soil and grow healthier trees that flourish where they’re grown.


Niles Home for Children

In Kansas City, some of the biggest social disparities have been within the amount of resources and support available for at-risk children and their families; in response to this, the Niles Home for Children was established. This community-based organization assists children in low-income, urban areas with their mental health and education needs by providing them with masters-level therapists, quality special education services and access to food and housing. Volunteers and staff assist the students in learning how to prepare for the future. As a way to help the children at Niles become more self-sufficient, they thought an in-door composter would be very beneficial for cultivating their own community garden, as well as instilling a sense of responsibility for the children.

SCD Probiotics donated All-Season Indoor Composter® Kits to the organization to help them with this goal. The composter takes scrap food and (after some time) turns it into a clean, healthy way of fertilizing the soil, eliminating the need for chemically-based products that could be potentially harmful. This addition to the organization has assisted the century-old organization in their initiative to lessen disparities, both in their community and their residents.


Greater KC Humane Society

For over 100 years, The Human Society of Greater Kansas City has served its mission to save and improve the lives of dogs and cats throughout the Greater Kansas City community by providing preventative veterinary care and spay/neuter services, education, and adoptions. In 1994 they became the first no-kill shelter in the KC area, taking in many pets who are sick or injured and need medical care. Their affordable spay/neuter and veterinary care clinic saves and improves the lives of animals every year. They believe that all pets deserve a good home, and through their Humane Education programs, teach the importance of compassion toward animals, responsible pet care, and how to be safe around pets.

SCD Probiotics donates several products to the Humane Society’s Canine Shelter, including Digestive Health for Dogs, Coat Care, and our Probiotic All-Purpose Cleaner to help them support the health of the dogs in their care—and it has been wonderful to hear about the dogs’ health improvements and the experience their staff has had with the All-Purpose Cleaner: “In just 1 month, we’ve seen an overall health improvement with the dogs we’ve been giving SCD Probiotics Digestive Health to. All the dogs ate their food just fine and didn’t seem to mind the taste at all. We noticed an improvement in their stools from loose to solid since starting Digestive Health. One of the dogs, Kennedy, is now going to the bathroom on the outside of her run instead of inside, and no longer has to poop immediately after she eats. She also seems a little more relaxed—this has helped her stress colitis. The dogs’ weight has stayed consistent and healthy, and their fur coats feel nice and smooth too.

We plan to start using Digestive Health with our puppies who have Canine Parvovirus, as soon as they start eating.

We’ve also used the SCD Probiotics Coat Care, which is great for quick “spruce ups” and completely neutralizes the smell of urine on their coats! The SCD Probiotics All-Purpose Cleaner is great for kennel cleaning, has a nice smell, and doesn’t leave a residue of any kind.

All in all, we’ve had a wonderful experience using these products in our shelter with our dogs and it’s been exciting to see how they help the dogs get and stay healthy.”

- Christine Blank, Canine Shelter Director

Powell Gardens

Powell Gardens, Kansas City's botanical garden, is a 970-acre (3.9 km2) botanical garden in Kingsville, Missouri—30 miles east of Kansas City. The garden dates to 1948, when the land was purchased by George E. Powell, Sr. Since then, the site has been a dairy farm, a Boy Scout camp, an agricultural and natural resource center, and since 1988, a botanical garden. The mission of Powell Gardens is to be an experience that embraces the Midwest's spirit of place and inspires an appreciation for the importance of plants in our lives. Experiencing Powell Gardens, the region's botanical garden is an integral part of living in the Kansas City area.

At the center of Powell Gardens is the Marlese Lowe Gourley Island Garden which is a themed aquatic garden. The pools hold 95,440 gallons of water when in operation. During the growing season, many beautiful forms of life such as waterlilies, lotus and colorful goldfish fill the pools. Good water quality is important to the health of these life forms. Powell Gardens utilizes SCD Probiotics products, including SCD Bio Livestock and SCD BioKlean, to maintain excellent water quality.

Matt Hockaday
Horticulturist, Core Gardens


Giving the Basics

It’s part of our mission to give back to our community, and especially those who may need an extra helping hand. And because of this we donated 2,700 Probiotic-powered Cleaning Wipes to Giving the Basics, a worthy charitable organization who distributes hygiene products to children and families in need. Our wipes are so safe and natural, they can be used to clean both the places people live in and people and pets, themselves. We hope that our donation will make a difference for families who need a hand.

Now entering its 10th year, Giving the Basics has grown by teaming with more than 140 non-profit organizations and 350 local schools to distribute personal care items in the KC area (in both Missouri and Kansas). These hygiene items immediately help low-income families with small children, students, battered women, veterans, senior citizens, former prisoners and the mentally ill. Their services provide products that allow children to attend school feeling fresh, comfortable and open to the learning environment. They help young adults address issues needed to gain employment and have an opportunity for improved health, hope and dignity. From homeless teens to single moms, veterans to recently released prisoners, Giving the Basics positively impacts members of our community from many walks of life.