Poland Conference Videos

SCD Probiotics Technology International Conference
Warsaw - Gromada Airport , 17 Stycznia 32 (July 15 - 18, 2011)
Conference hosted by Probiotics Polska, SCD Licensee

Welcome and Introduction to the Conference - Stanislaw Kolbusz

SCD Probiotics International Conference - Poland 2011 - Highlights and Overview

SCD Probiotics Technology in Agriculture - Dr. András Hidas, Greenman, Hungary

ProKlean Product Line in End User Applications - Sivaram Pillai Ph.D., Eco Systems & Technologies, India

Human Health Products in South Africa - Grant Morgan, Efficient Microbes, RSA

Companion Animals and Probiotics. Overview of SCD Probiotics pet care line - Gerd Poppel, SCD Probiotics, US

SCD Probiotics in Agriculture Tobacco and Grapes - Rubin Kochoski, SCD Ekoprobiotika, Republic of Macedonia

Probiotics in Tobacco Farming - Julie Ann Ponder, SCD Probiotics, US

ProBio Emy in Livestock - Bronislaw Szembowski, Poland

Beneficial Microbes and their role in the life of the soil - Matthew Wood, SCD Probiotics, US

Beneficial Microbes in Urban Areas - Opportunities, successes and ongoing projects in various urban applications - Zbigniew Cyganowski, EMEKO, Czech Republic

Wastewater Treatment, Odor Control and Companion Animals - Dr. Rita Józsa and Györgi Peretsenyi, Greenman, Hungaryi

Pathogen Control in Water Bodies - Julie Ann Ponder, SCD Probiotics, US

KWADRANT EkosystEM Method in Wastewater Treatment Plant in Łowicz, Poland - ProBio Emy's application overview for Odor Control and Sludge Reduction in Łowicz wastewater treatment plant. - Cezary Kołodziejski, CEO at ZUK UM Łowicz, Poland

Extend the exploitation period of methane from a land fill using SCD Probiotics - Jacek Wereszczaka, Wojciech Olszanowski, Poland

Implematation of ProBio Emy ApiFarma, ApiBioFarma in Apiculture - Michał Morelowski, DRCM* Długołeka, Poland

ProBio Emy and Pets- A household perspective - Izabela Jaglarz, RCM* Bobrowniki, Poland

ProBio Emy in Orchards and at the house- Renata i Marek Brunka, RCM* Pawłowo, Poland

Recultivation of internal waters in AQUAMAR, LLC - Andrzej Marczynski

Summary of the first day of SCD Group Congress