SCD Bio Livestock Questions

What is the difference between SCD Bio Livestock® and SCD Bio Livestock® - Dry - For Poultry?

SCD Bio Livestock is a liquid all-natural, probiotic-based feed and water additive for livestock, poultry, and household pets; while SCD Bio Livestock® - Dry - For Poultry is a dry probiotic feed additive exclusively intended for poultry.

Which animals have already had SCD Bio Livestock administered?

Based on the collective experience of SCD Probiotics and our customers, SCD Bio Livestock has already been administered to cattle (dairy and beef), calves, sheep, swine, poultry (chicks/small birds and adult birds), dogs, and cats. Please refer to our Usage Guide for a specific guideline application.

Aside from the aforementioned animals, what are other specialized animal applications of SCD Bio Livestock?

Our customers have also applied SCD Bio Livestock to bees, horses, cage birds, and elephants.

How will SCD Bio Livestock improve the underlying microbial ecology of livestock and household pets?

Probiotics stabilize the intestinal mucosa, making it more difficult for pathogens to colonize and cause damage in the intestinal tract. They also create a responsive and improved immune system that can detect and eliminate certain potential pathogens from the intestinal tract.

Why is SCD Bio Livestock a good alternative to antibiotics and growth promoters in livestock operations?

Antibiotics have been used as growth promoters, which is also conducive to the emergence of more bacterial strains with antibiotic-resistant features. Probiotic usage shows that in time, antibiotic-resistant factors may be lost from potentially zoonotic bacteria, and this would result in less difficulty in maintenance of flock health and public health. It also has numerous benefits to be gained from the use of probiotics.

Is it okay to use probiotics in the feed and water for newborn livestock animals?

SCD Bio Livestock is an all-natural, probiotic-based liquid feed and water additive containing a powerful blend of beneficial bacteria. It is produced through a natural fermentation process and is not chemically synthesized or genetically engineered or modified. We suggest using SCD Bio Livestock for any newborn livestock animals with any diarrhea case. Use in accordance for the animal you have.

What are the types of interactions involved between probiotics and parasites in the intestines of animals?

Probiotics help keep the digestive tract healthy. However, probiotics may not be appropriate in some severely immunocompromised subjects. As such, consulting a professional is advisable. In general research, probiotics may indeed provide strain-specific protection against parasites, probably through multiple mechanisms. Additional studies are needed to justify probiotic utilization in therapeutics.

Is it really necessary to use diluted SCD Bio Livestock product within 24 hours? How about beyond that, for example 5-7 days or 15-30 days?

We highly suggest using the product according to its recommended usage guidelines. We cannot guarantee efficiency if product is used beyond the suggested application timeline.

What are some benefits seen with SCD Bio Livestock in livestock operations?

In effect, SCD Bio Livestock transforms the underlying, imbalanced microbial ecology of the host, restoring it to one that is balanced and healthy. Upon usage, it may help reduce the disease-causing microorganisms, providing a healthier farm with animals that contribute to higher and better-quality yields.

Is it necessary to shake the bottle of SCD Bio Livestock to avoid sediments at the bottom of bottle?

Gently shaking the bottle of SCD Bio Livestock won’t make the product bad, but do not shake it too much to avoid off-gassing.

What will I do with the sedimentation of SCD Bio Livestock product in more than a gallon container?

To avoid sedimentation in larger containers, we recommend doing gentle stirring with a clean rod but not too much to avoid off-gassing.

Is the sedimentation of SCD Bio Livestock safe to be consumed by animals?

Yes, SCD Bio Livestock product is all-natural and safe for animals, plants, and the environment. Sedimentation or ingredient settling may occur and is normal; however, this does not impact the product quality.

There are white particles appearing in my SCD Bio Livestock product. Is it safe to be used by animals?

White particles are good microorganisms that appear after you’ve opened the product. This occurs due to the exposure to oxygen. However, it does NOT mean the product has gone bad.

Is it safe to use an expired SCD Bio Livestock product?

SCD Bio Livestock product is all-natural and safe for animals, plants, and the environment, but we highly recommend using the product within the best by date as seen on the product label. We won’t guarantee results if product is used beyond the specified best by date.

What makes SCD Bio Livestock different from commercially available livestock supplements? Will product totally replace commercially available livestock supplements?

SCD Bio Livestock is a probiotic livestock supplement. It is produced through a natural fermentation process and is not chemically synthesized or genetically engineered or modified, which may not be the case in other commercially available supplements. Additionally, the product has been screened for over 150 banned substances including: Caffeine, Testosterone, Clenbuterol, Morphine, and Ephedrine; and results showed that none of the tested banned substances were detected.

Does the product contain PNSB? If so, is it safe for poultry?

No, SCD Bio Livestock does not contain PNSB, but does contain other beneficial bacteria and yeast cultures. The product is safe for animal consumption.

Any possible side effects for animals using SCD Bio Livestock?

Referring to the established studies and testimonials we have from SCD Bio Livestock consumers, the only effect is that it improves the underlying microbial ecology of the animal, restoring it to one that is balanced and healthy. With consistent usage, it may help control reemergence of disease-causing or harmful toxic bacteria.

How does the product work on skin conditions of animals?

In general, a good immune system will be observable through our largest organ of the integumentary system – our skin. Hence, healthy skin indicates a good immune system. Probiotics help in absorbing nutrients for the entire body, which typically works from the inside through to the outside. SCD Bio Livestock improves the underlying microbial ecology of the animal to one that is balanced and healthy, hence providing good skin condition for animals. However, you may want to contact your veterinarian if your livestock animal or pet has chronic/acute skin condition(s) prior to taking probiotics.

How does the product help control re-emergence of disease-causing bacteria?

Probiotics works by competitive exclusion. Disease-causing bacteria will slowly deplete in number when good bacteria are introduced into the system. They mainly compete for the food source of the disease-causing bacteria hence can multiply faster and will turn over the population of bad bacteria in a gradual process.

What would happen to livestock if I give probiotics beyond the recommended dosage?

Too much of anything is bad; there are reported cases in which taking probiotics beyond the recommended dosage will cause stomach upset. That said, we highly suggest using SCD Bio Livestock with its recommended usage, since our product is concentrated too (containing many good microorganisms per serving). Our product is all natural, making it safe for animal consumption. So, if you do use it beyond the recommended dosage, it won’t create a longterm side effect. Rather, you will be wasting your probiotics. Recommended dosage typically provides you with the necessary dosage for your animal’s needs.

Can we use Bio Livestock for shrimps?

Yes, but should be in combination with our other products depending on problem or objective to use probiotics for shrimp cultivation i.e. polluted pond, low FCR, high mortality rate, etc.

I am looking for an oral vaccine and/or a vaginal probiotic for cattle (dairy cows) that specifically uses LPS and/ or LTA. Does SCD make such a product?

In general, our food-grade probiotics strains such as a lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are gram positive bacteria. This means they have Lipoteichoic Acid (LTA) that is a major constituent of Gram-positive bacteria cell envelopes. We recommend using SCD Bio Livestock at a dose of 10 ml/day as feed or water additive.

Could any SCD Probiotics products be used in an aquaponics system? How would you recommend that they be used?

We suggest using SCD Bio Livestock for the fish tanks. It can be used at a ratio of 1 tbsp. per 1000 liters of fish tanks once a week.

We currently raise 400 dairy calves per year and have some gastro intestinal issues. I was looking for a product that could be added to their milk on a daily basis, do you have any experience with this or a product that could work for us?

The appropriate product is SCD Bio Livestock. You can use 30 mL (1 oz.) of SCD Bio Livestock per calf for the first week, and then reduce the amount to 10 mL (0.3 oz.) per calf for the following weeks. Since you need it on a daily basis, we suggest to mixing the product (once a day) directly to your calf's feeding ration or milk (must be consumed fresh).

We don’t actually sell the SCD Bio Livestock - Dry in our area – is there a conversion for using regular bio livestock with the fish feed? Also, with the water treatment – are these quantities for any particular size tank / pond? Are there any recommended dilutions?

Bio Livestock can be used at 1:1000 dilution as feed additive. It can be sprayed directly to feed or added to the pond or tank. The quantities for water treatment are for 60 PL*/m2 Shrimp Density (10,000 m2 Pond). *PL - Post Larvae (PL) shrimp numbers per m2

How to use Bio Livestock for drenching sheep (i.e. drenching gun and applying through the side of the mouth)?

Follow what our usage guide says which is to use 1-3 tsp. (5-15 ml) per sheep daily.

Can we use Bio Livestock to spray rabbit’s hair to help him stay clean?

Yes, use product at ½ tsp. of product per rabbit.

Can this product help reduce Salmonella levels or prevent it from contaminating the feed?

It would be helpful to know where the contamination is coming —is it coming from the feed or are the animals getting sick and have Salmonella from eating feed. However, there has been “in vitro” studies on our product against Salmonella showing inhibition of Salmonella growth.