SCD Essential Probiotics Questions

Is it normal for the probiotics supplement bottle to expand?

Yes, the bottle may expand when stored in warmer than room temperature environments. This probiotic contains live bacteria involved in a fermentation process and slightly higher temperatures may cause bottle to expand. You may hear a light pop when opening an expanded bottle, so please open with care. Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Is it ok to take if I see white flakes floating in product?

SCD Essential Probiotics is 100% Natural. Ingredient settling or floating may occur and does not impact product quality. Shake gently before use.

What are the possible side effects of SCD Essential Probiotics®?

Some gas and discomfort may result as the microbes in this probiotics supplement work to balance your digestive system. If discomfort persists, reduce dosage or discontinue use.

What is the dosage for SCD Essential Probiotics®?

We recommend 1 tablespoon daily for adults and 1 teaspoon for children 2 and older. Everyone has a different ratio of microbes in their digestive tract. Consumers should take Essential and find out what quantity and method works best for their own system. It can be taken as is with or without food or water. For more intensive use, you can increase up to 3 tbsp. daily. Taking more than the recommended dosage of Essential could cause stomach upset or detoxification symptoms.

Should I keep SCD Essential Probiotics® in the refrigerator?

SCD Essential Probiotics® can be stored in the refrigerator. However, for the microbes to perform at their best SCD Essential Probiotics® should be consumed while at room temperature. For that reason we recommend not storing it in the refrigerator and in a temperate environment out of direct sunlight.

My understanding is that probiotics are best taken before or after meals because stomach acid is higher when eating. Is that true?

SCD Essential Probiotics can be taken at anytime. The reason why some say to take it without food is to keep the acid of the stomach from killing all the bacteria. SCD Essential Probiotics is concentrated and strong so, even though some microbes die as it travels through the stomach because of acidity, the majority survive the long path (tolerates stomach acid and bile salt) to the digestive system. This is highly evident from experimental studies conducted with SCD Essential Probiotics vs. other leading brands.

Is it safe to take SCD Essential Probiotics while pregnant?

We have never received reports of serious effects from taking SCD Essential Probiotics®. However, with specific conditions (e.g. pregnancy and breast feeding), we recommend consulting a doctor before use.

Is it OK to use SCD Essential Probiotics® for infants (Children under the age of two)?

Our label directs to give 1 teaspoon dosage to children two and older. For children under two, please consult your physician.

Can SCD Essential Probiotics® help alopecia?

We cannot guarantee that our products help with any conditions, diseases, etc.

We are planning to start a raw food diet. Will taking SCD Essential Probiotics® help in this process?

In a raw food diet, SCD Essential Probiotics® could be helpful in offsetting the possible harmful microbes which could be ingested.

Are there vitamins that can be found in SCD Essential Probiotics®?

Yes. Lab result show trace of levels of many vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

Is SCD Essential Probiotics® suitable for vegetarians & vegans?

SCD Essential Probiotics® is suitable for vegetarians. No Animal derived products are used in the culturing or production of SCD Essential Probiotics®

Are there phototrophic bacteria in SCD Essential Probiotics®? I heard that the phototropic bacteria are fed on animal products before being mixed into final mother culture. Is this the case?

SCD Essential Probiotics® does not contain phototropic bacteria

I would like some allergen information for your product. Does it contain any milk, soy, or egg derivatives?

We neither use dairy, soy or egg derivatives in the formulation, nor do we process these types of materials in our plant. However, customers should be encouraged to contact their physician before taking our product if they have any concern about allergens.

How does SCD Essential Probiotics survive the gastric environment and reach the intestines alive?

We formulate our product at a lower pH which is similar to the gastric environment. Our product is also sold at a high concentration with consortia technology, so it is able to survive the long path to the digestive system.

I am avoiding sugars so can you confirm that the juice concentrates listed as ingredients won't be an issue for me?

Carbohydrates and sugars are "0" or at an insignificant amount in our product as we state on the product's label.

What will happen to the probiotic if stored in the refrigerator for a long time?

Longer storage in the refrigerator and a much lower temperature could make the microorganisms enter into a dormant state. This mean that their normal physical functions suspend or slow down for a period of time.

Regarding shipping the product would it be an issue if the product were exposed to 100 °F or higher while en route?

The optimum operating temperature range of the product is 5-50 °C (41-122 °F). The storage conditions are mentioned on each label. For example, most of our products are recommended to be stored at room temperature. A few are recommended to keep refrigerated after opening. The microbial count can slowly decrease if the product is frozen for a long time.

I'm on antibiotics, when is the best time to take the product?

Research suggests supplementing probiotics during and following treatment with an antibiotic medication. The theory is it helps repopulate the gut with favorable species to replace those killed by the medication, so it is best to take them together. It is also thought that taking probiotics during antibiotic therapy significantly reduces the number of side effects from the antibiotics. However, the best thing to do is to consult your physician regarding proper timing.

Is the product gluten and dairy free?

Yes, we neither use dairy nor gluten in our product; but liquid fermentation product of water, organic sugarcane molasses, and organic juice concentrates (blueberry, cherry, pomegranate). As indicated, the product is gluten-free; however the presence of S. cerevisiae may cause sensitivities in people with gluten intolerance. Please consult your physician.

Can it be used to treat Candida yeast infection?

SCD Essential Probiotics is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. With specific conditions (e.g. Candida yeast infection), we recommend consulting a doctor before use.

How does SCD Essential Probiotics fair with other probiotics products in the market considering that it only has 450 million cfu / serving -- others are offering in billion level for the comparable serving size.

The products claiming billions of CFU (colony forming unit) are typically single species and made in a lab. The high CFU (colony forming unit) counts are designed so that they are able to survive in the digestive tract in the entirely as many are often compromised. Because SCD Essential Probiotics is manufactured using Consortia Probiotics Technology, which selected strains are grown in "consortia", in a process of co-growth that combines multiple strains during production. Therefore, each strain develops while interacting with other strains. This allows the microbes to be more resilient to travel.

Why is the SCD Essential Probiotics' smell becoming stronger compared to when I first used it upon opening?

When you are properly storing your product in the prescribed conditions, there is no problem in using it even if the smell changes. The bottle should remain tightly closed, but there shouldn't be any issues with odor change. As long as the product doesn't have any putrefactive odors or malodors, then it is safe to use. It should have a sweet, pickled, fermented smell for its entire shelf life; however the smell might change as the bottle ecology shifts throughout its shelf life.