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Build a healthier home, with a safe, microscopic clean that lasts for 3 days! The hard-working probiotics + postbiotics in our sustainable concentrate do the dirty work of cleaning for you, getting down to the microscopic level to break down and eat up dirt, grime, and odors—then live on to keep cleaning for 3 days. That’s more peace of mind, with less time spent on cleaning and less elbow grease too. Plus there’s no rinse, gloves, or worries required: our squeaky-clean ingredients list adds up to a biodegradable concentrate that’s safe to use around kids and pets.  

  • Ultra-Concentrated: 1 bottle makes sixteen 16-oz cleaner spray bottles
  • Just 4 Squeaky Clean Ingredients




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Probiotic-Powered for a Truly Microscopic Clean

Other cleaners leave something behind: either nasty chemical residue or microscopic dirt and other things invisible to the naked eye. Our hard-working probiotics + postbiotics do the dirty work of cleaning for you, getting down to the microscopic level to break down and eat up grime, dirt, and odors—beyond what you can see.

Third-party lab tests of our Cleaning Concentrate showed that the probiotics in our cleaner survive on hard surfaces for more than 3 days, where they continue to grow and clean.

Ultra-Concentrated to Be Cost-Effective & Sustainable

Dilute, refill, and repeat. One bottle of this sustainable cleaning concentrate goes a long way: just one bottle makes Sixteen 16-oz bottles of ready-to-use all-purpose cleaner. 

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No Rinse, No Gloves, No Worries Required

Our squeaky-clean ingredients list adds up to a biodegradable cleaning concentrate that’s simple to dilute and use and safe to use on all the surfaces your kids and pets touch, climb on, and, well, lick.

Skin- and Microbiome-Friendly

Unlike other cleaners that use harsh detergents, solvents, and sulfates, ours won’t strip your skin’s natural protective barrier as you clean.

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Our Squeaky-Clean Ingredients

Water, 13 Probiotics (Proprietary Probiotic Cultures Blend), Beneficial Postbiotics from Fermentation, Organic Essential Oil

That’s it! Plus they smell absolutely delightful thanks to Organic Essential Oils. Choose either soothing Lavender or uplifting Lemongrass.

Triclosan, Ammonia, Quats, Bleach, Parabens, Phosphates, Dyes, Fake Fragrances, or Any Synthetic Chemicals and Sustainable & Biodegradable

Why Probiotics + Postbiotics

Probiotics are healthy for us beyond just our gut health (though that’s pretty darn important). Bacteria are everywhere in our world, from the soil in our gardens to the countertops in our home. But we now know that’s a good thing! Most are either neutral or there to help us, aka, probiotics. In fact, some of the bacteria we pick up from our environments end up being part of the microbiome in our guts (or other parts of our bodies). It’s also one of the ways our immune system learns about our environment, and what’s a threat and what’s not.

In short, we want more of these probiotics in and around us—and disinfectants and chemical cleaners don’t just kill pathogens, they kill the good guys too.

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How Probiotic Cleaning Works

To clean surfaces, the scientifically selected probiotics in our cleaning products work in a couple of ways:

  1. As they eat, they produce natural cleaning substances (postbiotics) that break down dirt, grime, and odors.
  2. Because they’re living little helpers, we can also think of them as our probiotic defenders. Third-party lab tests of our Cleaning Concentrate showed that the probiotics in our cleaner survive on hard surfaces for more than 3 days, continuing to grow and protect surfaces.

Plus regular use of probiotic cleaners builds a lasting, healthier indoor environment, fortified with natural protection from those probiotic defenders.

Bio-fermented to Do More

Bio-fermentation is what happens when we put our probiotic cultures together with a prebiotic (aka food for probiotics). Just like kombucha, beer, or wine making happens, the probiotics eat the prebiotics, and make something beautiful (and fermented) in the process.

Growing our probiotics this way makes them more resilient and empowers them to make powerful postbiotics, aka safe, sustainable, and beneficial biochemicals, antioxidants, enzymes, and more.

And it’s sustainable manufacturing—requiring 0 energy sources and using natural, renewable materials.  

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Why We Started SCD Probiotics

Soil scientist turned entrepreneur Matt Wood founded SCD Probiotics after losing his mother and grandparents to cancer set him on a quest for answers. In his college garage in 1998, he founded SCD Probiotics to create products that don’t just replace the toxic chemicals in our lives but help undo their widespread damage as well—going beyond simply nontoxic to living, regenerative products that actively build health.

Probiotics are like the best kind of friendship: nurture them and they’ll nurture you back—whether they’re in your home or in your body.

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