SCD Yuyobi Questions

What is SCD Yuyobi®?

Yuyobi is a probiotic formula for your probiotic drink that should be mixed at the time of manufacturing. It has six live proprietary probiotic strains. This is an all-natural, non- GMO, non-dairy, gluten-free product. It has a minimum guarantee of 2 billion CFU/ 10 mL, zero calories, and is in a concentrated form.

How is it different from SCD Essential Probiotics® or other human health products like SCD Xtra Immunity® / SCD Herbal Probiotics®?

SCD Essential Probiotics®, SCD Xtra Immunity®, and SCD Herbal Probiotics® are readyto- use products that can be taken directly or mixed with another beverage, whereas Yuyobi is a probiotic ingredient that needs to be mixed with a probiotic drink / refrigerated beverage at time of manufacturing. Yuyobi can be tailored to have more/less species blend depending on your need. All of these products are food-grade.

Can I drink Yuyobi directly?

It is primarily intended for beverage manufacturing. As such, we recommend mixing it with a probiotic drink or refrigerated beverage, specifically at the time of manufacturing of beverages.

What are the beverages it can be mixed with?

It can be readily mixed during manufacturing with beverages like soda, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, juices, kombucha, etc.

Can all beverage types be mixed with Yuyobi?

Yes, given that you’re mixing them at the time of manufacturing. If you’re dealing with specialized manufacturing process of liquids, please consult our technical team or for any specialized formula you want to use.

Why is Yuyobi unique?

Yuyobi isn’t just a probiotic formula; Yuyobi is a fermented way of manufacturing. When you choose this shelf-stable premier liquid ingredient for your beverage additive needs, you are sending a strong message to your consumers. They deserve the absolute best ingredients. And that’s exactly what you will have – quality ingredients, delivered for optimal results. The Yuyobi difference is a shelf-stable liquid formula that is all-natural, GMO & gluten-free, and contains at least 2 billion CFU/10 mL.

Yuyobi is created in our state-of-the-art facility, where it’s specially developed to optimize delivery of probiotic cultures through a unique method where multiple cultures are grown together — as nature intended —instead of using single cultures, freeze-dried, or put into capsules. Our proprietary method delivers a probiotic unmatched in type and activity.

What are the six species found in the ready-to-use Yuyobi blend?

In order to get more info on the species in Yuyobi blend, please contact your account coordinator or email us at

What are other ingredients included in the Yuyobi product?

In order to get more info on the label or other ingredients in the Yuyobi blend, please contact you account coordinator or email us at

Can I add or take some species out to suit my ingredients’ needs?

Yes, please contact SCD Technical Team to tailor the species you want.

Is Yuyobi fine for personal use?

Yuyobi is recommended for manufacturers who wanted to add a probiotic ingredient in their formula. Please contact you account coordinator or email us at for a tailored formula and special purposes.

Customer understands that Yuyobi is a probiotic beverage additive that can be mixed with drink product but wonders if she could apply this for colon hydrotherapy?

No, Yuyobi cannot be used because negligible amount of juices was added. It is used as probiotics additive for beverages.

What effect does Yuyobi have on continued alcohol production in a fermented tea beverage?

Once Yuyobi is added to Kombucha at bottling time, alcohol production can be suppressed. However, the continuation of alcohol production after bottling happens only when product is not stored correctly (refrigerated temperature).

What is the shelf-life of Yuyobi?

It has 30 days shelf life with 15 days+ grace period.

I have a 500-gallon tank well water which is replenished constantly, and we drink the water from there (after boiling it). I'm thinking of infusing it with probiotics. Would Yuyobi work? Can we customize the product to one that won't change the taste of the well water? Please advise, especially on the appropriate product to be used.

Yuyobi would be fine to use but our Food mother culture could be a better product as it’s more concentrated. The taste may change based on how much it is added. Water should not be in boiling state when it is infused with the product as boiling will kill our microorganisms.