Xtra Immunity Questions

What is Xtra Immunity®†? How is it different from SCD Essential Probiotics® or SCD Herbal Probiotics®?

Xtra Immunity†® is a virtually tasteless, refreshing, health supplement that enhances the self-healing power of your body† through a combination of enzymes, bio-active substances and antioxidants naturally harvested from organic brown rice, papaya, and organic kelp. SCD Essential Probiotics® is a probiotic supplement that satisfies your body’s need for healthy bacteria, restoring balance in the digestive tract and supporting a healthy immune function†. On the other hand, SCD Herbal Probiotics® is a concentrated probiotic drink, complete with a combination of 18 organic herbs like chamomile flowers, juniper berries, and reishi mushrooms.

What are some benefits provided with Xtra Immunity† intake?

Consistent intake of Xtra Immunity† may help support the immune system†.

Can SCD Herbal Probiotics® and Xtra Immunity† be used interchangeably?

SCD Herbal Probiotics is used for digestive and intestinal health†, whereas Xtra Immunity† is designed to support immune health†. These products also differ on the microbial level; SCD Herbal Probiotics has live microbes that work to balance the overall microbiome and Xtra Immunity† is a health supplement with functional metabolites fermented with probiotics.

Is it possible to define dosage depending on the weight or age of the client?

Basic dosage recommendations for children 2 years and older or adults are:

| Adults 12 and older: Take 1 Tbsp daily. For more intensive use: 3 Tbsp daily.
For Children ages 2-11: Take 1 tsp daily

How to Serve: Drink Xtra Immunity† straight or mix with your favorite juice or water.

How do I properly store my Xtra Immunity† upon opening?

We highly recommend refrigerating the product after opening. Keep lid tightly closed.

What are some of the general uses for the ingredients in Xtra Immunity†?

The product contains mostly organic extracts (Organic Brown Rice, Organic Rice Bran, Papaya, and Organic Kelp). Organic Rice Bran contains most of the valuable nutrients in the rice grain. The dense antioxidants in rice bran are unlocked in the fermentation process of making Xtra Immunity† and delivered to you in a ready-for-consumption form. Some manufacturing processes used to convert brown rice to white rice may destroy some nutrients or eliminate it altogether. We use organic brown rice, which has nutritional value. Papaya provides enzymes, a variety of amino acids, and important vitamins. Lastly, Organic Kelp is used as an important source of nutrients because of its high vitamin and micro-element content.

Is Xtra Immunity† safe for pregnant and lactating mothers?

We have never received reports of serious effects from taking Xtra Immunity†. However, with specific conditions (e.g. pregnancy and breast feeding), we recommend consulting a doctor before use.

Should Xtra Immunity† be taken before or after meal?

Xtra Immunity† can be taken at any time.

Could you provide allergen information?

We have never received reports of serious effects (allergen effects) from taking Xtra Immunity†. We do not use materials that contain allergens, nor do we process these types of materials in our plant. However, you’re encouraged to contact your physician before taking our product if you have any concern about allergens..

Is Xtra Immunity† suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Xtra Immunity† is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. No animal-derived products are used in the culturing or production of Xtra Immunity†.

Why is Xtra Immunity†’s shelf life shorter than other SCD Probiotics’ products?

Xtra Immunity† has shorter shelf life because it contains different ingredients than other SCD Probiotics health products. Due to a specialized manufacturing process, creating shelf stability, Xtra Immunity† has a shorter shelf life. (1 year from date of manufacturing).