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1 Liter1 Gallon

SCD Probiotics Equine Plus - Equine Probiotic - Horse Probiotic - SCD Probiotics

$32.95 – $111.46
SCD Probiotics Equine Plus helps enhance your horse or foal’s daily health, as well as help them through tough transitional periods—protecting against gastric and nervous disorders, colic, diarrhea, scouring disease, and stress.
 Indoor Composter Kit with liquid Bokashi

Bokashi Indoor Composter Kit with Bokashi Compost Starter Spray (with 8 oz Bokashi Spray)

This unique, all-in-one kit sets you up for easy indoor composting success thanks to the convenient microbial power of All Seasons Liquid Bokashi and our Indoor Composter bucket’s innovative design.
Teem defense

Teem Defense Probiotic Drops with Elderberry for Kids and Adults, 30-Day Supply — 4 fl.oz.

Teem Defense is a liquid probiotic supplement with elderberry for everyday MVPs in your family. Our whole biotic tonic is teeming with fortifying prebiotics, living probiotics & postbiotic antioxidants* already at work when the bottle arrives at your door.

pH Paper - Activate Probiotic Mother Cultures - SCD Probiotics

Use to check the pH of SCD Probiotics Mother Cultures in order to access maturity and quality.
All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit - Organko

All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit - Organko 4.4 Gallon Compost Bin with 1 gallon Bokashi by SCD Probiotics

It’s perfect for beginner composters, small space dwellers, and anyone who wants to keep composting through winter (but also avoid trudging out to your outdoor bin in freezing temps each night).
Our Indoor Composter Makes The Spruce's Best Composters of 2024 List
The Spruce Approved Badge
2 composter with bokashi

2 All Seasons Composter Kit + 2 Gallons of Bokashi - SCD Probiotics

This ready-start kit is all you need to get started recycling any kind of organic material—even small bones, meat, dairy, and oily foods—without fussing over the perfect balance of browns and greens. It’s perfect for beginner composters, small space dwellers, and anyone who wants to keep composting through winter (but also avoid trudging out to your outdoor bin in freezing temps each night).
Tank Revive Home Septic Tank Treatment

Tank ReVive for Home Septic - Probiotic Tank Cleaner, 1 Liter

SCD Probiotic – Tank ReVive for Home Septic Systems, Consortium of 11 Live Probiotics, Liquifies Sludge & all Bio-matter, Keeps Septic Tank Clear for up to a Year, Eliminates Tank and Field Odors, Non-Toxic, 100% Bio-Based, Safe for Pipes, Pets, and Peoples.
All Seasons Bio Plastic composter kit

All Seasons Bio-Plastic Indoor Composter kit

NEW! Bio-Plastic Composter: When you’re trying to reduce your waste, it can be disappointing to only find compost bins made from brand new materials. Our exclusive new bio-plastic compost bins are now partly made of organic materials that are normally considered waste products—things like corn husks, soybean hulls and wheat husks—to create a durable, reusable bin that’s both long-lasting and will decompose hundreds of times faster than other compost bins under the right conditions*
SCD Breath Spray for dogs

SCD Probiotics Breath Spray for Dogs - Dog Probiotic - 4.4 fl.oz


Bulk purchase in IBC only

Powered by 11 species of live beneficial microorganisms.

Tank Revive for RV and Boat

Tank ReVive for RV and Boat - Probiotic Tank Cleaner, 1 Liter

100% Safe for Kids, Pets, Pipes, Dump Stations - All natural ingredients, no caustics, no perfumes, no dyes
SCD Digestive Health for Cats

SCD Probiotics Digestive Health for Cats - Cat Probiotic - 4.4 fl.oz


Bulk purchase in IBC only

Safe for daily use, it may promote healthy digestion and reduce the destructive effects of diarrhea, as well as the reemergence of harmful bacteria in your cat gut.
Teem Wipes Alcohol
1 pack3 pack6 pack

Teem Alcohol Wipes - Unscented Sanitizing Wipes with Aloe and Glycerin - 30 count

$3.55 – $18.90
  • TEEM ALCOHOL WIPES: Made with 65% ethyl alcohol plus aloe and glycerin our sanitizing wipes are tough on messes but gentle on you. Our skin-friendly wipes are free and clear of chemicals & additives.
  • NATURAL DISINFECTING POWER: Teem disinfecting wipes are made with clean, simple ingredients. The best wipe for kids or babies hands. Use these powerful wipes for car, gym, school, or home cleaning.
  • PURE AND SIMPLE: Never any chemicals, parabens, triclosan, fake fragrances, benzalkonium chloride, or chlorine processing. Vegan and Not Tested on Animals. Made in the USA and Powered by Nature.
  • HOME COMPOSTABLE WIPE: Don't want to trash your alcohol wipe? Our home compostable wipes are made from natural VEOCEL viscose fibers and can be composted in your home composter. Do not flush.
  • We are TEEM probiotics and we are on YOUR TEAM. We’re passionate about bringing the benefits of probiotic science to your wellbeing & household environment so you can feel like an MVP everyday.