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Yuyobi® - Probiotic Beverage Additive for Manufacturers

Yuyobi® is a high-performance probiotic beverage additive that can be mixed with drink products to deliver a healthy, refreshing drink.

Ceramic Pipes N-Type - Absorb Ammonia Nitrogen - SCD Probiotics

These versatile N-type ceramic pipes can be used in tap water, the bathtub, fish tanks, plant water, and in flower vases to absorb and eliminate ammonia nitrogen.

Ceramics A Powder - Reduce Toxic Fumes - SCD Probiotics

Designed specially for use in glues, paints, and other building materials to reduce toxic fumes.

Shop specialty items designed to absorb common toxins and fumes, as well as Yuyobi – our high-performance Probiotic Beverage Additive for Manufacturers.